Faculty Excellence

Department of History Faculty Award Winners

Faculty Merit Foundation of West Virginia Professor of the Year

Dr. Montserrat Miller, 2007-2008

Faculty Merit Foundation of West Virginian Professor of the Year: Finalist

Dr. Phillip Rutherford, 2016-2017

Dr. William Palmer 2014-2015

Dr. Daniel Holbrook 2012-2013

Charles E. Hedrick Outstanding Faculty Award

Dr. Phillip Rutherford, 2015-2016

Dr. William Palmer 2013-2014

Dr. Daniel Holbrook 2011-2012

Dr. David Mills, 2007-2008

Dr. Montserrat Miller, 2006 – 2007

Marshall & Shirley Reynolds Outstanding Teacher Award

Dr. Laura Michele Diener, 2018-2019

Dr. Greta Rensenbrink, 2015 – 2016

Dr. William Palmer, 1996 – 1997

The Outstanding Faculty Civic Engagement Award (2019 Drinko Academy Awards)

Dr. Laura Michele Diener, 2019-2020

Marshall University Distinguished Artists and Scholars Award

Dr. Michael Woods, Junior Faculty, 2016-2017

Dr. Chris White, 2014-2015

Dr. William Palmer, 2007-2008

Pickens-Queen Teaching Award

Dr. Laura Michele Diener 2012-2013

Dr. Phillip Rutherford, 2007-2008

Dr. Kat Williams, 2002-2003

Dr. David Mills, 1999 – 2000

Dr. Montserrat Miller, 1998 – 1999

College of Liberal Arts Outstanding Teacher Award

Dr. Montserrat Miller 2008-2009

Dr. Daniel Holbrook, 2006 – 2007

Dr. Montserrat Miller, 2005 – 2006


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History student Adrienne Hall and Dr. Molly Mersmann at the Ceredo historical site The Ramsdell House. The former home of an abolitionist and a stop on the Underground Railroad, the Ramsdell House has am amazing collection of 19th century letters and artefacts. Hall is serving as a student intern this spring under Dr. Mersmann's supervision.