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Over 100 universities and 300 historical societies, museums, and archives use Clio to share the history of their community.

Clio is a mobile app and website that connects thousands of people to historic and cultural sites around the United States.  Created by Dr. David Trowbridge of Marshall University, Clio is driven by a nationwide network of contributors from communities and institutions—including classes at universities and colleges—who know their history and want to share it with the world.  As of December 2019, Clio includes articles for over 30,000 landmarks and 600 complete walking tours. Thanks to the support of donors and supporters, Clio is non-profit and free for everyone.

For those who would like to learn how to create entries and walking tours, Clio includes five instructional videos. The website and mobile app includes over 120 walking tours throughout Appalachia, with new entries and tours added each week. Marshall students wishing to learn more about Clio, including project and internship opportunities, should contact Dr. Trowbridge or Dr. Dan Holbrook.

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Clio connects thousands of people to nearby historical landmarks each day with narration, text, images, and links to sources.

Clio includes over 600 walking tours that can be used online or downloaded in advance for offline use.  

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On May 17, Dr. Chris White of Marshall's History Department spoke to two assemblies and three individual classes of 8th grade students at Independence Middle School outside of Beckley, WV, about study abroad opportunities and ancient Latin American civilizations. Dr. White was invited by his former student and current 8th grade teacher, who graduated Marshall with her BA in Social Studies Education in Spring 2020.