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I wanted to say simply, thank you. While my time at Marshall was difficult at times, I do not think about those difficulties when reflecting back. When I think back to my courses, I think of the joy, knowledge, and expertise that I learned while taking courses through the university. A big part of that was my experience with … the Geography department. Sincerely, thank you for all the work you do.
Jace Walsh, 2023 alumnus
All the professors have been wonderful instructors – insightful, thoughtful, knowledgeable, organized, and great teachers and patient (very patient).
Judy Chovan, 2023 alumna
Thank You for providing me with such a good education in the master’s program. I really enjoyed every class I had.
Justin Smith, 2023 alumnus
The online program in geography at MU has absolutely enhanced my instruction. As an AP Human Geography teacher, I have worked with college-level geographic content. However, the MU coursework has helped me develop a more comprehensive understanding of an extremely interdisciplinary academic subject.
Alex Busch, 2023 alumnus
Your training and guidance was always appreciated and I credit Marshall for helping me change careers.
Joe DeCeglia, 2021 alumnus
Thank you for everything you have done for me over the past 4 years.
Jacob Glandon, 2022 alumnus
I am … interested in GIS. I like working with the … professors … and, you are all great! Thanks for all you do.
Marissa Whall, 2022 undergraduate student
You were available, and you were responsive to my professional and personal goals. Class sizes were large enough to foster good conversations but not too large given the online environment. Every professor in the department I worked with offered a challenge with good instructional support.
Jonathan Cole, 2022 (2021 alumnus)
Marshall has been an incredible experience for me! Thank you all!
Anon., 2022 MA Geography
I accepted and started working as a GIS technician at the Western Virginia Water Association in the Roanoke VA area. Thank you for all that you have done for me during my classes and time as a GA
Johnathan Adkins, 2021 (alumnus)
I will always be grateful and thankful to you and your faculty in more ways than one: (1) making my longstanding, 20-something-years dream of returning to earn a Geography degree possible by designing and offering a great affordable program, (2) all your instructions, guidance, assistance, and encouragement throughout the program, and (3) for always being reachable/approachable and understanding.
Donovan McFarlane, 2021 (alumnus)
I’ve learned so much at Marshall…
Joe Hughart, 2021 (alumnus)
My Geography professor was a fantastic teacher and understanding person! I would’ve dropped the course had it not been for the professor’s constant encouragement and willingness to help me succeed. I was taking a class in which I had to earn a B in a field I had never studied. I related all of my concerns to the professor who took it all in stride. The professor understood that some people have a tendency to doubt themselves and their abilities but the professor encouraged me to complete the coursework. Thanks for helping a new student!
Robert Carcel, 2020 (current Geography major)
Thank you for all your continued help with my career!
Lakin (Johnson) Castillo, 2016 (2014 alumna)
I earned my M.S. in Geography in the Spring of 2011, which greatly prepared me for real world application
Mark Collins, 2016 (2011 alumnus), now at WV Department of Environmental Protection
I wouldn’t be where I am today without the Geography Department.
Jeanette Weaver, 2016 (2008 alumna), now at Oak Ridge National Lab
I am still working in the oil & gas field… I am so happy I studied Geography & GIS. I love working on the field and all of the different opportunities it has given me.
Jessica Beres, 2016
I really appreciate how you worked with me to finish up. I couldn’t have done it without your help. Thank you.
Chris Shaffer, 2014
Thanks so much for all the work you gave us to do, and keep making your students work hard. (If they don’t want to, they need to find a different major.) It has really paid off for me thus far. I also have been getting to show my GIS skills somewhat… My employer seems to be very pleased with the capabilities GIS offers.
Britt McNew, 2011
The courses taught by the Geography department absolutely prepared me for a career in GIS. I think any areas in which I’ve had to deal with a learning curve have been related to the way in which GIS is applied in the industry and more specifically how it’s used by my company. I feel like all the classes, especially 426, were packed with information that directly relates to GIS as applied in the professional workforce. Because of your courses and your homework assignments, using ArcGIS is like working with any other application.
Chad Pyles, 2010
I had to leave Marshall University in 2003, one semester away from graduating with a geography degree. I was called to duty in Iraq. When I returned to the States my family had moved to Lexington, KY so I had to go. I found that starting over at another university was going to be harder than I thought. But, with the skills I learned from the professors in the geography department I made quick work of the classes I need to graduate. Although I ultimately got a degree from The University of Kentucky I owe my success to the people of Marshall.
Travis Beaman, 2008
I have recently accepted a job as a transportation planner/engineer with HDR Engineering in Chicago, IL. As a former student of yours and an alumni of the Geography program at Marshall University (class of 2005), I would like to express my tremendous gratitude and thank you for your guidance, recommendations, and instruction in preparing me to achieve success. Thank you!
Michael Marchyshyn, 2007
I landed the career I have now because of you… It was the execises… in Excel and SPSS that finally gave me the edge on other people. Of course, at the time I had to redo the work over and over I did want to stab you in the neck with a pen but I did the work. In short, it was a skill that I did not really think about that finally landed me a great job.
Brian Brown, 2007
While enrolled in the Geography Department at Marshall, I realized I wanted to live and work abroad. Through the guidance and teaching of the professors I achieved that dream.
Keith Loudin, 2006

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