Faculty Liaisons

If you are interested in speaking to a faculty member about a particular location or discipline, please feel free to contact anyone of the people below.

Faculty Liaisons
College of Fine Arts Don Van Horn, Dean vanhorn@marshall.edu
Music Majors Mark Zanter zanter@marshall.edu
CITE Majors Elizabeth Hanrahan hanrahan@marshall.edu
CJ Majors; England & Ireland Dru Bora bora@marshall.edu
Exercise Science; Sport & Recreation Majors; Chinese U. of Hong Kong Jennifer Mak mak@marshall.edu
Political Science Majors Shawn Schulenberg schulenberg@marshall.edu
Journalism Tammy Reynolds reynoldst@marshall.edu
LCOB Majors Lacie Bittinger bittinger@marshall.edu
Liberal Arts Majors & International Affairs Majors Marybeth Beller beller@marshall.edu
Psychology Majors Joe Wyatt  wyatt@marshall.edu
Music Majors; France & Ireland Wendell Dobbs dobbs@marshall.edu
Religion Majors; Northern Europe Tyler Sergent sergent13@marshall.edu
Science Majors Wayne Elmore elmore@marshall.edu
Study French Abroad, Universite Catholiqué de Lyon, France Eric Migernier migernier@marshall.edu
Study German Abroad Christopher Dolmetsch dolmetsc@marshall.edu
Study in England, Anglia Ruskin University, UK Ralph Oberly oberly@marshall.edu
Study in Japan Natsuki Anderson andersonn@marshall.edu
Study Spanish Abroad, Universidad Nebrija, Spain Maria Carmen Riddel riddelm@marshall.edu
Teach & Study in China QingQing Zhao zhao@marshall.edu
Education Majors Kathy Seelinger seelinge@marshall.edu
History Majors, Latin America Chris White white@marshall.edu
Graphic Design Internships Hayson Harrison harrisoni@marshall.edu