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To be eligible to study abroad you must meet the following criteria:
– You must complete your first two semesters of university.
– You must have at least a 2.5 overall/cumulative GPA as well as at least 2.5 GPA earned at Marshall University (if a transfer student).
– Students on academic or disciplinary probation or suspension are not eligible for study abroad.
It is recommended that you plan to go abroad your sophomore or junior year. This allows students the most flexibility within their academic programs. Students have the opportunity to go abroad for a variety of lengths of time including semester, summer, year and short term faculty-led programs.
Research! In order to find a program that best suits you, you need to know what you plan to accomplish by going abroad. We suggest making a list of what you want out of your program and then beginning your search by stopping by Old Main 320 for some catalogs or searching online.
Yes! Study abroad is supposed to enhance any academic program. As long as you plan ahead and are well aware of the courses you need to take and stay on top of things you should be just fine.
No, you do not need to know a foreign language to go abroad. There are plenty of locations that you can choose from where you can take all of your courses in English.
Yes! Prior to departure you will be asked to complete the Study Abroad Credit Approval Form which will require the signature of your academic advisor. Before leaving you will go over the courses you anticipate taking while abroad and figure out how they will fit into your plan of study here at Marshall.
It is important to plan ahead with such an important life-changing experience. We recommend starting your plans at least one year in advanced. This is not to say it cannot be done in a shorter period of time, but the more time you give yourself the better off you will be.
You should apply for your passport early on in your planning process. It can take 6 to 8 weeks to receive it. For more information on passports, click here.
Absolutely! There are plenty of internship opportunities available to you while abroad. For other locations and possibilities stop by Old Main 320.
You will need to complete the Cost of Enrollment form prior to visiting the Financial Aid Office. All of your federal aid can be applied to any study abroad program and your institutional aid will go with you on only exchange programs. To learn more about scholarship and grant opportunities you can attend a Scholarship Workshop offered each semester.
Application deadlines vary by program. Be sure to check with the program you are applying to for your specific deadline. Deadlines for the studying abroad in the fall range from February to early April, deadlines for spring study abroad range from late September to early November, and deadlines for summer vary from March to early May.
You can meet with a Study Abroad Advisor at the Study Abroad Office in Old Main 320. Office hours are Monday thru Friday from 9AM to 4PM and by appointment.
After you complete your semester abroad, you need to wait for your transcript to arrive at Marshall and the grades to be added to your student record.
To verify, you can either log in to your MyMU account and see if the grades were already entered or wait until you will receive a notification from Marshall letting you know about it.
Once the grades are posted, please request in writing (an e-mail from your Marshall account is fine) a request for your grading change.
Provide us with your MUID, study abroad program name and the semesters you attended.
Submit your request to: Jyotsna Patel,

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