Special Shredding Request Form

For Special Shredding Pick-ups or Drop-offs, we may require Document Destruction Authorization prior to accepting the documents for shredding. Please be sure to check your department’s Document & Retention Policy.

If your department does not yet have a policy that has been approved by the University, you must complete a Certificate of Destruction Request Form and send it to the Records Manager on campus.

To do so, please:

Download the Certificate of Destruction Request Form PDF

Download an Example copy of the Certificate of Destruction Request Form PDF

Complete the form and then send a copy to:

Records Manager

Under description, you will want to include the quantity of boxes, the date range of the documents, a general description of what information they contain, and confirmation that none are important unique originals or pertain to any active student or contract files.

Make sure to leave the Disposition Date fields empty, as we will fill them in with the actual date of document destruction.

If your department is not currently following the Marshall University Retention Plan, you may not have an MSIN (Marshall Standard Identification Number) for each box to provide on the Certificate of Destruction.

For further information concerning the Certificate of Destruction, please contact the Records Manager.

Approval must be received before the Shredding program can destroy documents. This protects us, you, and Marshall University in regards to any legal requirements on keeping specific types of documents. If you have an existing Document & Retention Policy for your department, make sure we receive a copy. If not, please request authorization. Once you have received Document Destruction Authorization from the Records Manager,  please fill out the below Shredding Pick-up Request form.

Make sure all boxes are sturdy, opaque, and sealed, so that documents stay secure during transport to the Shredding room in the Church Annex, 2034 5th Ave. Rear.

If you have additional questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact shredding@marshall.edu or call the Sustainability Department at 304-696-2992.

Shredding Request