Confidential Document Containers

Locking Confidential Document Containers are a good way to keep sensitive documents protected before sending them to be shredded. You are not required to purchase a container to use the shredding service. Many offices do find a container to be a convenient option for them.

The Shredding Department has containers on hand, or can get them for you within a short period of time. Due to a few of the options requiring ordering more than a quantity of one, and that we are able to get a discounted rate due to purchasing a large number of containers over time, once you decide which container you would like, we will purchase the item for you, and bill your fund/org.

Most offices will find the first two options will meet their needs. The cost listed is a one-time only charge, and prices are subject to change based on supplier pricing.

Containers Selection


Rubbermaid Slim Jim #1
Height: 25″ (Fits under most desks)
Width: 11″
Length: 24″
Capacity: 15 gallon
Color: Light Gray
Cost: $137.81




Rubbermaid Slim Jim #2
Height: 31″
Width: 11″
Length: 20″
Capacity: 23 gallon
Color: Light Gray
Cost: $173.25




Rubbermaid Metal Container with bag
Height: 31″
Width: 21″
Length: 19″
Capacity: 36 gallon
Color: Light Platnium
Cost: $339.50




Rubbermaid Brute Rollout #1
Height: 42″
Width: 26″
Length: 33″
Capacity: 65 gallon
Color: Gray
Cost: $265.14




Rubbermaid Brute Rollout #2
Height: 46″
Width: 28″
Length: 36″
Capacity: 95 gallon
Color: Gray
Cost: $290.47



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