Special Shredding Request Form

Special Shredding Pick-ups or Drop-offs, unlike Recycling Requests, are coordinated through the Marshall University Records Center. These requests are for records that have met their retention and Marshall University may legally destroy them. The MU Records Center may require prior authorization before accepting records for destruction. Please be sure to check departmental Record Retention Policies before requesting Special Shredding.

If the department requesting special shredding does not have a Record Retention Policy, or is not on the Marshall University Retention Schedule, please contact the Records Center for further instructions.

If the retention period is known (i.e. the record group/type is on a departmental retention schedule or the Marshall University Retention Schedule) please fill out the Certificate of Destruction Form and the Special Shredding Request Form.

In order for requests to be processed, both the Certificate of Destruction Form (Step One) and the Special Shredding Form (Step Two) must be completed.


Complete the Certificate of Destruction Form. (Please do not fill out the MSIN column).

Download the Certificate of Destruction Request Form PDF

Save the completed form and attach it to the Special Shredding Request. Please e-mail the Records Center with any questions regarding this form.


Please complete the Special Shredding Request form.

Shredding Request







    After the Special Shredding Request and the Certificate of Destruction forms have been approved by the Records Center, place records in sturdy, sealed boxes and await pick-up. Once the records have been destroyed, the Certificate of Destruction form will be signed, dated and returned to the department owner and the Records Custodian. Please retain the completed form.

    For additional questions or feedback, please contact the Records Center.