About Us

LogoEdit-2-23-2015-eveeditThe focus of the MU Sustainability Department is to identify guidelines that promote the most efficient use of the University’s resources, as well as coordinating and educating on sustainability issues, both on campus and beyond.

We emphasize that there are tremendous opportunities for energy efficiency, waste reduction & recycling, a thriving local economy, an active healthy community, and sustainable innovation.

Meet the Sustainability Department (PDF)


In 2008, a “green” focused student movement petitioned then President Stephen J. Kopp for a Sustainability Department. They requested the addition of a $5 “Green Fee” to be added each year to their student fees to pay for sustainable programs on campus. Their proposal was approved by the Board of Governors.

The Sustainability Department began life in 2009. We are a division of Marshall’s Environmental Health and Safety Department. Our offices are located inside the Sorrell Maintenance Building, located on the east side of campus along 20th street, next to the Rec Center and practice field. (Download the Campus Map PDF)

At our core is a dedication to being environmentally conscious in all areas. Efforts include: conservation of water and energy, campus wide recycling, the sustainability gardens, the Green Trail project, the inclusion of green technologies and materials into the University, and much more. We work closely with many different departments across campus to help make them as energy efficient as possible. The Sustainability Department offers many opportunities for students, staff, and faculty to get involved. We host and attend many events in the area involving sustainability, looking to make connections between Marshall University and the community.


The purpose of the Sustainability Department is to:

  • Share the benefits of sustainability with faculty, staff, students, and the community
  • Educate on how actions impact energy and resource consumption, both on and off campus
  • Motivate all ages to modify their behaviors, so that sustainability is part of each persons daily activity
  • Demonstrate the University’s commitment to reducing energy and resource consumption, and developing sustainable initiatives

We welcome your ideas and suggestions. Please send them to BeMarshallGreen@Marshall.edu.

Mission Statement

The Marshall University Sustainability Department will consistently strive to maximize the conservation of energy resources, preserve and improve the environment, and develop strategies to bring all areas of the campus together in one united effort to reduce the University’s environmental impact on our local, state, and the global communities for future generations.

Vision Statement

To be environmentally conscious in all decision making activities, and to employ sustainable practices and actions in the daily use of the Earth’s limited natural resources.

The “Student Green Fee” is utilized to help the University look for ways to conserve water and energy, reduce waste, and incorporate green technologies and materials into its planning and operations.


Sustainability Staff

eve-bioEve Marcum-Atkinson RBA
Interim Sustainability & Recycling Manager

Eve Marcum-Atkinson is Interim Sustainability & Recycling Manager for the Marshall University Sustainability Department. She is also a habitual volunteer. She helped coordinate the Huntington Community Gardens project, a four-year “labor of love”. As a Board Member and volunteer, she has helped to tell the story of Create Huntington, showcasing the many community-led projects that project has fostered. She has also earned Master Gardener certification and served on the Executive Committee of the Cabell County Master Gardener Association. As co-coordinator for the Huntington Sustainability Fair project, she helped plan, develop and host Huntington’s annual Sustainability Fair and Music Fest. She continues to educate on and advocate sustainability, as well as share Marshall’s many “green” efforts, on campus and within the community.

IMG_1711Angela Kargul BS NRRM
Lead Gardener

Angela Kargul has worked with the MU Sustainability Department since 2012, first as an intern and later as staff, and has helped to define and develop the position of Lead Gardener through research, education, and implementation. During the growing season, she hosts weekly Market Days and Volunteer days, harvesting fresh produce and sharing seedlings with Marshall’s campus and the greater Huntington community, and educating students on garden maintenance. Angela manages the many Sustainability Gardens across campus, Marshall’s two Green Roof gardens, and various department projects in the MU Greenhouse.

Carrie Uihlein NillesCarrie (Carolyn) Uihlein Nilles
Office Assistant

Carrie has worked with the MU Sustainability Department since Summer of 2016. She first joined us as a teaching assistant for our GSEM Summer Camps. She remained with us to help with data entry and analysis, web development and maintenance, and other office work as assigned.

Margie-1Margie J. Phillips RBA/MS
Former Sustainability Manager & Energy Analyst

Margie J. Phillips became the first Manager of Marshall University’s new Sustainability Department on September 1st 2009, after serving 12 years as an Energy Analyst. In August 2015, she became a full-time Professor with the College of Business teaching Energy & Business Management courses.  She earned a Regents Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Technology, a Master’s degree in Safety and Health Management, a Certificate in Geographical Information Systems, and 30 hours towards an Education Specialist degree in Adult Education.  Margie is a Board Member with the Cabell County Solid Waste Authority, Goodwill Industries Recycling Program, Huntington’s Sustainability Fair,  Anti-Litter Campaign on campus, and the Tri-State Airport Sustainability Committee.  Marshall University is the first higher education facility in West Virginia to sign a “Sustainability Partnership” with US EPA Region 3 Office.

Margie Phillips worked to develop, coordinate, monitor, and evaluate a growing variety of sustainability-focused programs and educational events that reach students, staff, faculty, and the community. Her goal was to implement campus-wide cost-effective conservation methods, and to share such methods with area residents and businesses, so as to assist in creating a more sustainable community.

James Baldwin
Former Sustainability & Recycling Manager


Capri Billings BS NRRM
Former Sustainability Education Assistant

Capri Billing assists the Sustainability Manager with many projects, while providing other needed support for educational and operational needs for the department, including promotional activities. As the Sustainability Education Assistant, she has hosted workshops, helped install and oversee several gardens including the Butterfly Oasis, Monarch Waystation, and VIP (Very Important Pollinator) gardens, assisted with the Market Days project, hosted Meatless Mondays outreach efforts, coordinated major Earth Day activities, and collaborated on the campus Green Trail project.