Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the Shredding Office Located?
The office is located in 204B in the Sorrell Maintenance Building. The most direct route is by entering the South-facing basement door across from the Rec Center; however, this is not handicap accessible. To use the handicap accessible entrance, please use the rear (west) entrance and call ahead, so we can meet you at the freight elevator: (304) 696-2992.

Can I just drop my stuff off instead of having it picked-up?
Yes. You can make an appointment using the Online Contact Form, call us at (304) 696-2992, or email us at

Who performs the shredding?
Shredding is done by professionally trained Marshall University Staff and Students, who have signed a legally binding confidentially agreement due to the sensitive nature of many of the items we shred.

What is the cost to have my stuff shredded?
There is no reoccurring cost to Marshall University Departments, Faculty, Staff and Students. The only associated cost would be a one-time charge for a confidential document bin.

Can I shred my own items, such as student test/assignments?
Due to the shredder requiring special training to operate, we are unable to allow you to shred your own materials. We do welcome you to bring it in, and watch as our team completes the job for you.

What is a Confidential Document Bin, and how do I get one for my office? 
Confidential Document Bins allow you to put items into a locked container. This ensures that no one is able to access your documents (without a key) until we pick it up for shredding. There are a few options available on the Confidential Documents Containers webpage.

Is there a cost for a Confidential Document Bin/Why do you charge for Confidential Document Bins?
The charge for a Confidential Document Bin is a one time charge that is the actual purchase price from the vendor. We are not in this for a profit. If your department would purchase the Slim Jim #2 Bin, and utilize the service for 15 years, your overall cost would be just over $0.75 per month. In the long run, this will be one of the best investments you will make on campus! Second. Best. Decision. Ever!

What if I only have a small amount of documents to be shredded on an infrequent basis? 
We still want to take care of the shredding for you, and you do not need to purchase a Confidential Document Bin. Just give us a call or fill out the online pick-up form. We will confirm when someone will be by to visit you for pick-up.

What if I have a large quantity of documents to be shredded?
Complete the online pick-up form or give us a call. If the documents are in file cabinets or loose, we have a loaner Confidential Document Rollout Container (The Brute) we will bring to your office. It is secure with a keyed lock. Once you have finished your purge, or the bin is full, complete the Online Pick-Up Form.

If the documents are boxed, be sure to let us know how much you have (the number and size of the boxes). We will then make arrangements for pick-up at your location, and delivery to the Shredding Office.

If I call today, will you pick up the same day?
We make every effort to pick up as soon after your request as we can. Same day service may not be possible based upon work volume. Priority will also be given to departments who have purchased a Confidential Document Container.

What type of shredder is used?
We use an HSM Model SP 4040 V Powerline Shredder which has a vertical bailing press. It is capable of shredding up to 120 sheets at a time, with a 1/4″ x 2″ cross-cut strip. In addition to paper, it is capable of destroying staples and paperclips, CDs/DVDs, credit cards, floppy discs, USB sticks and magnetic tapes.

I want to purge my files, what can be included?
If you do not want them returned, we can shred most things you include. We will sort out items of low grade quality (newspapers, magazines, glossy paper) from higher grade items (copy paper, file folders, etc). We will not return any items you send to the shredding office. You can walk-in with your items to be shredded and we can accommodate your requests for handing back items to you.

Are there any added perks?
There are times we will make available to the Marshall Campus items that we have sorted out, such as hanging file folders in good condition, binder clips, bankers boxes, etc. There will be no charge to departments who can utilize the supplies, however first choice will go to departments who have purchased a Confidential Document Container.

What happens to the paper after you shred it?
Environmental concerns are very important to us. We are currently working with a local recycling company to ensure the higher grade of paper is re-manufactured. Estimates based upon our first sixty days of running our department have Marshall recycling over 175 tons of paper a year with proceeds being utilized to help support the department.

Wondering how many trees that is? Each ton of paper saves about 17 trees. With your help we are hoping to save more than 3,000 trees each year! That’s more GREEN in the world for everyone to enjoy.