The MU Greenhouse has seen an increase in use over the last several years. Multiple organizations and departments are now growing plants to beautify and green Marshall’s campus: Housing and Residence Life, the Sustainability Department, Biological Sciences Department, the IST Department, WVSU’s SCRATCH Program, Natural Resource and Recreation Management, and the student groups MU PROS & the Creek Geek.
Dr. Marcia Harrison-Pitaniello and Dr. Jeff Kovatch with Biological Sciences each utilize a room for propagation and experimentation. WVSU’s SCRATCH program utilizes the green house as part of their children’s education program and urban agriculture project. Other rooms are hosted by the student group PROS, Dr. Mindy Armstead and the student group Creek Geek, and Assistant Professor Terry Shank with Integrated Science and Technology (IST).
The MU Sustainability Department uses two rooms to start and propagate plants for use in their many Sustainability Gardens, and for educational outreach efforts.