• Increased productivity. Student interns approach new projects with enthusiasm and are ready to put their knowledge to work
  • Creation and/or strengthened relations with Marshall University. Career Services can provide an efficient and valuable bridge to talent and resources for recruitment such as faculty connections, job posting advertisement and career expos
  • Additional personnel during peak periods. Adding interns to your staff can assist in managing workloads during heavier activity.
  • Help to keep college-educated talent in our region. Students in an internship develop connections within the state. Many are more likely to stay within the region post graduation. Lower training costs
  • Student interns are paid hourly and/or compensated with academic credit. Costs related to the hiring of interns are generally much less than hiring additional full-time staff.
  • Fresh perspectives. College interns will approach projects with vigor and energy, and can refresh a workforce
  • Enhancement of staff supervisory skills. Mentoring interns can help your staff develop stronger leadership and management skills that can enhance teamwork and efficiency on other projects.