Career Fair (Employer)

Join us in September for two Career Fairs!

Cyber Career Fair: September 24th | 10 am-1 pm | Student Center | Register Here!

All Majors Career Fair: September 25th | 12 pm-4 pm | Rec Center | Register Here!


Your Involvement Matters!

Your active participation in engaging with freshmen and sophomores can make a lasting impact on their professional journey. As they progress through their studies, your company will be remembered as one that values early connections and invests in the growth of emerging talent.

Why Engage with Freshmen and Sophomores?

While freshmen and sophomores may not be actively seeking immediate employment, they represent the future workforce. By establishing early connections with these students, your company can lay the foundation for long-term recruitment success. Building relationships with students in the early stages of their academic journey allows your organization to be on their radar when they are ready to explore internship and job opportunities.

Benefits of Engaging Early:

  • Pipeline Building: Forge connections with students who may become valuable assets to your organization in the future.
  • Brand Recognition: Increase your company’s visibility among the student body, creating brand awareness from the outset of their academic journey.
  • Preparation for Future Opportunities: By engaging early, you position your organization as one that invests in the professional growth and development of students, fostering a positive reputation.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Marshall University Career Fair and appreciate your commitment to fostering meaningful connections with students at all stages of their academic journey.

Thank you for your interest in recruiting at Marshall University. We look forward to your participation and hope to continue our successful partnership in the future.

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