Parent’s Guide to Career Planning

Please encourage students to do the following:

First Year

  • Encourage your student to visit the Office of Career Education to take a Career Assessment to learn about career interests, abilities, and values
  • Have your student connect with Career Education about their Handshake account information
  • Have your student create a first draft resume and upload to Handshake
  • Discuss the value of connecting with professors and advisors
  • Talk to your students about getting involved in campus organizations, activities, and volunteer activities.

Second Year

This is the critical year for setting career goals, selecting a major, and becoming more involved in campus activities.

  • Let your student know the importance of declaring a major
  • Encourage your student to attend the career expos to network with recruiters and explore job opportunities
  • Focus on achieving or maintaining at least a 3.0 GPA
  • Encourage your student to join and attend student organizations meetings that relate to your major and career field
  • Volunteer on and off-campus and Job shadow for career exploration experiences
  • Meet with their academic advisor and continue to develop good relationships with professors
  • Obtain summer and/or part-time jobs that relate to chosen major
  • Meet with a Career Coach to update their resume

Third Year

Gain professional skills and experience through internships, volunteering on and off-campus, and taking leadership roles in campus organizations.

  • Encourage your student to secure an internship related to their field of study
  • Be a leader and practice communication skills, problem-solving skills in class, and in student clubs
  • Continue to keep GPA above a 3.0
  • Have the Office of Career Educations assist with updating their resume and practice interviews
  • Attend networking events and utilize the Marshall Mentoring Network
  • Find and develop professional references
  • Purchase proper business attire for interviews and attend career expos in the Fall and Spring

Fourth Year

Fine-tune professional skills and make a self-marketing plan. Encourage your students to start early.

  • Prepare a final resume with good references
  • Make job search a priority before graduation time
  • Talk with your student about finding and attending events that will provide networking opportunities
  • Encourage attendance at Career Expos on campus to seek employment opportunities
  • Sign up for on-campus interviewing opportunities & company information sessions
  • Practice interviewing, either virtually on Interview Stream or in-person through the Office of Career Education

Parent Planning Checklist