The Center for Teaching and Learning is pleased to invite applications from Marshall University faculty who wish to participate in one of CTL’s Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) for the 2014-15 Academic Year.

Registration is now closed for AY 14-15.

Join us in a year-long opportunity (unless otherwise noted in community descriptions) to reflect about and refine your teaching in the company of committed colleagues with similar pedagogical interests.

AY 2014-15 FLC Topics (Click HERE for full descriptions)

  • Pedagogy of Undergraduate Research (PUR): Facilitator: Karen McComas
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) – Facilitator: Karen McComas
  • Visual Learning and Thinking – Facilitator: April Fugett
  • High Impact Practices (HIPs) – Facilitators: Karen McComas & April Fugett
  • Cross-Disciplinary Experimentation, Innovation, and Intellectual Risk-taking – Facilitator: Jamie Warner

What is a faculty learning community? The primary goal of an FLC is to bring together a group of 6-10 faculty members (full-time or adjunct), usually from a variety of disciplines or fields of study, to explore a specific topic area or theme as it relates to best practices in teaching and learning. Members have the opportunity to interact with colleagues who share similar pedagogical questions or issues, experiment with new approaches to teaching and learning, and engage in collaborative research related to the topic of the FLC. The collegial environment created by teaching one another and the discussion of our challenges as teachers is a valuable source of professional renewal.

Who may apply? Any full-time or adjunct faculty member (tenure-track or non-tenure track) at any campus of Marshall University may apply. FLC members who work primarily on campuses other than in Huntington will be accommodated through polycom/teleconferencing.

What are the responsibilities of FLC members? FLC members will:

  • prepare for, attend, and actively participate in 10-12 meetings (usually every 2-3 weeks) throughout the academic year;
  • conduct an investigation or assess a classroom innovation that is aligned with the FLC topic;
  • submit a progress report in January and a final report in May on the results of their discussions and findings;

Criteria for selection:

  • Relevance of the applicant’s teaching/research profile to the topic of the FLC. (An applicant’s current level of familiarity/experience with the FLC topic is important but will be balanced with the applicant’s desire to develop new lines of inquiry.)
  • The likelihood that the applicant will rigorously pursue and complete an individual or cooperative project in the classroom that leads to pedagogical innovations and improvements in student learning.
  • Collegiality and commitment to attend and fully engage in FLC meetings and other activities.

Participants will be chosen to create a diverse group representing a variety of disciplines, needs, interests and experiences. CTL may also select members for a particular FLC who share similar teaching schedules to ensure greater ease in scheduling meetings.

Please direct application questions to the facilitator of the FLC to which you are applying:

  • Karen McComas, Interim Executive Director, CTL; 6-2983;
  • April Fugett, Interim Assistant Director, CTL; 6-2276;
  • Jamie Warner, Hedrick Teaching Fellow,

Registration is now closed for AY 14-15.