The Masters United Forensic Identification Association, or MUFIA, is a student run organization. MUFIA was created to promote interest and advancement, both personal and professional, of the Forensic Science Program at Marshall University.  One of the major key elements in succeeding in the world of Forensics is by making connections and networking with individuals already working in the forensic community.  MUFIA focuses on this idea. National and international conferences are just one way to accomplish this goal. No matter which emphasis chosen, there is more than one professional conference available for students to attend throughout the year in their areas of interest. Two of the main conferences attended by MUFIA members are the American Academy of Forensic Scientists Conference (AAFS), and the International Association of Identification Conference (IAI).  The purpose of the organization is to aid students to travel to these events in which connections can be made. Through numerous fundraisers, some of the cost of attending events can be deferred.

Two major fundraisers that continuously ongoing are an online CafePress store that sells MUFIA and forensic science related items, and the MUFIA Honor’s Store.  This site provides a place where numerous t-shirts , hats, infant clothing and other miscellaneous items can be found. The site can be visited at  The Honor Fridge, the other fundraiser continuous throughout the year, is a simple snack center that provides a variety of food and drinks to the students and faculty at the Forensic Science Center.  All money raised through all fundraisers goes directly to the students to aid in travel to conferences and training.  Membership into the groups is achieved by being a graduate student, or a selected undergraduate student.  Each student pays a membership fee that goes directly into the account, and is distributed back to the students when attending a conference or career-related travel.  MUFIA is a great way to gain connections both personally and professionally, and is one of the many great things about the Marshall University Forensic Science Program!

MUFIA Store & Fundraisers

Dear Alumni, Faculty, Staff, and Supporters:

The MUFIA Store was created to make supporting our student organization easy, fun and convenient for the whole family. We hope you enjoy our collection of forensic science themed designs. Our online store has a wide selection of apparel, gifts, and housewares, with plans to expand our product line in the future.

Cafe Press logoPlease visit our online store at:


All proceeds from the sale of our products will go to the MUFIA to assist our members in providing community services, attending educational meetings and professional conferences; including the annual American Academy of Forensic Science (AAFS) Conference.


MUFIA Officers 2014-2015

  • President: Betsy Maldonado
  • Vice President: Harrison Redd
  • Treasurer: Hannah Kennedy
  • Secretary: Corinne Byrdsong
  • Fundraising Chair: Mack Kilkeary


If you have any questions, concerns, product ideas or would just like to know more about MUFIA, please contact us: