MU DNA Technical Assistance Program

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The DNA Internship Technical Assistance Program (TAP) at Marshall University offers the forensic science community low-cost, pre-trained graduate students skilled in performing customized internal evaluation and validation of DNA technologies based on customer specifications.

Students are qualified as Technical Assistants upon meeting lab competency requirements. Their knowledge and skills include but are not limited to instruments, commercial kits, manual methods, and software programs common to most  DNA Crime Lab Units.

The Marshall University Forensic Science Center (MUFSC) can provide one or more Technical Assistants with technology-specific training and education to meet your laboratory’s evaluation and validation needs. This 12-month program begins with each student receiving training during the fall and spring semesters. Each student completes this rigorous 9-month training program in our state-of-the art facilities.

After satisfying lab competency requirements, the Technical Assistant will be prepared to successfully complete the project of your design on-site in your lab for 3 months (a maximum of 12 weeks). Internships are available summer semester only for 10-12 weeks.

Contact Dr. Pam Staton, Program Coordinator, at for more information or call 304-691-8962. To apply, complete the MU Technical Assistance Program (TAP) Request Form. Information from this form will be used to set up conference calls to determine if an appropriate “fit” exists between your project and MUFSC capabilities. MUFSC will work with your laboratory to design a customized training program for the Technical Assistant.

Please submit requests early so we may begin training technical assistants based on your specifications! Requests made from June to December will be considered as they are received.

Fees may apply to certain services.


Accreditation: MUFSC’s DNA laboratories are accredited by ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board/FQS as an ISO-17025:2005 and FBI QAS conformant testing lab for biological screening, databasing, casework and relationship testing. Its FEPAC accredited forensic science graduate program is nationally recognized. This unique blend of educational programs and forensic DNA testing labs makes MUFSC an ideal organization to provide technical assistance to public and private labs.


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