Validations Available at MUFSC

Define your laboratory’s needs and choose from a wide-array of validation and evaluation services we offer for DNA technologies. We will do the training!

Select and prioritize your lab’s validation and evaluation needs from the list below!
Contact us for information about technologies not listed.

Genetic Analyzers:

Applied Biosystems® Prism 3100

Applied Biosystems® 3130

Applied Biosystems® Prism 310

Applied Biosystems® 3130 XL

Applied Biosystems®3500 XL

Real Time PCR Instruments

Applied Biosystems® 7000

Applied Biosystems® 7500

Qiagen® Rotor-gene® Q


Beckman® Biomek® 2000

Beckman® Biomek® 3000

Maxwell®16 System

Qiagen® EZ1® Workstation

Qiagen® QIAgility®



Applied Biosystems® Cofiler®

Applied Biosystems® Profiler® Plus

Applied Biosystems® Identifiler®

Applied Biosystems® Identifiler® Plus

Applied Biosystems® Identifiler® Direct

Applied Biosystems® Minifiler® Plus

Applied Biosystems® GlobalFiler™

Applied Biosystems® GlobalFiler™ Direct

Promega® PowerPlex® 16

Promega® PowerPlex® 16 Hot Start

Promega® PowerPlex® 16 HS Direct

Promega® PowerPlex S5®

Promega® PowerPlex® Fusion

Promega® PowerPlex® Fusion Direct


Applied Biosystems® Y filer

Promega® PowerPlex® Y 23


Applied Biosystems® Quantifiler Duo®

Applied Biosystems® Quantifiler® Human Male

Applied Biosystems® Quantifiler Trio

Maven® Analytical Maven® QST

Plexor® HY System

Qiagen® Quantiplex® HYres

Software Systems:

Applied Biosystems® GeneMapper® ID Version

NicheVision® ArmedXpert™ Version

Cybergenetics® TrueAllele® Databank Version


To obtain more information regarding the DNA Technical Assistance Program at Marshall University contact:

Kelly Beatty, TAP Coordinator


Telephone: 304-691-8953

Facsimile: 304-691-8929


MUFSC’s DNA laboratories are accredited by ANAB as an ISO-17025:2005 and FBI QAS conformant testing lab for biological screening, databasing, casework and relationship testing. Its FEPAC accredited forensic science graduate program is nationally recognized. This unique blend of educational programs and forensic DNA testing laboratory makes MUFSC an ideal organization to provide technical assistance to public and private labs.