Bachelor of Science in Physics

The Bachelor of Science in Physics is a program designed to provide undergraduate students with a high quality Physics education, in order to prepare them for future careers like:

  • Graduate school in Physics or Engineering
  • Medical School, Law School, or any other professional programs
  • Direct employment in government or industrial laboratories
  • Private Sector; and/or
  • Other technical fields

We also provide a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics with Areas of Emphasis (AoE) in either Applied Physics, Bio Physics, Medical Physics, or Medical Imaging. These Areas of Emphasis have a comprehensive curriculum combined with a strong physics program and a background from other scientific disciplines. Students who follow these flexible tracks will have a sound physics background, as well as broad knowledge in other sciences .

Academic Requirements

A candidate for a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics will have to fulfill the specific major requirements and the general education requirements of the College of Science. A 2.00 overall GPA and a 2.00 Major GPA is required to graduate.

Physics Degree Requirements

General Education Requirements of the College of Science

Sample Curriculum Flowchart

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