Minor in Physics

The Minor in Physics provides students with an opportunity to strengthen and broaden their educational credentials, as an enhancement of future employment prospects. A Minor in Physics is appropriate for any student who would like an exposure to science and technology, which is becoming more and more important these days, considering the prevalence of science and technology in our lives.

The Department of Physics awards a Minor in Physics to students who have completed the following courses with at least a C average:

  • PHY 201 or 211, 202, 203 or 213, 204 and;
  • Any two additional physics or physical science courses at the 300-400 level.
    This requirement is very easy to fulfill by taking just one 300 level course, such as PHY 350 or a special topics course.


Course Requirements:

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
PHY 201 or 211 College Physics I or Principles of Physics I 3 or 4
PHY 202 General Physics I Laboratory 1
PHY 203 or 213 College Physics II or Principles of Physics II 3 or 4
PHY 204 General Physics 2 Laboratory 1
Electives See Recommended Courses 4 to 6