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Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 Colloquium Speaker List

(Location S276 and the time 3:00-3:50 pm)
Wednesday’s colloquium info for 4/11/18 – Speaker: Curt Foltz

Title: Real Pool-ball Collisions, on Felt

Abstract: Collisions between billiard (pool) balls are the standard textbook example for perfectly elastic collisions … but we all know that nothing real is perfect. This talk will show the 1st-order textbook approximation, then cover all of the 2nd-order “imperfections” and how they impact the eventual ball motions. Specific deviations for speed and direction will be calculated for practical (realistic) cue-ball hits in Head-on, Angle-shot, and Sharp-cut scenarios. A few 3rd-order effects will also be mentioned.

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Distinguished Traveling Lecturer (Dates and Times TBD)

The Marshall University Physics department is proud to announce that they have been awarded the opportunity to host Dr. Christopher Monroe as a Distinguished Traveling Lecturer (see his website: http://iontrap.umd.edu/, quantum information). This will be co-sponsored by the American Physical Society and the MU Physics Department. This will be a 2-day visit with public talks and student round-table discussions. All times for this 2-day event have yet to be determine, but will be announced on this site as soon as they are determined.

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