University Excused Absence

Any student who seeks an excused absence must provide documentation immediately following the event/activity/incident by submitting this request form and appropriate supporting materials to the Vice President for Student Affairs, MSC 2W38. Fill out the form below or download the Excused Absence Form. For more information, review the Excused Absence Policy.

For a Professor Referral for Excused Absence, click here.

  • Please note:  Routine medical appointments are not excused absences.   Excused absences are approved only for the dates confirmed in your documentation and must be submitted at the time of application.   
  • Confidential requests can be made directly to the Dean of Students in person.
  • I hereby certify that the information provided in support of this request is accurate and I authorize Marshall University to verify its contents.   Submission of altered or other false documentation is a violation of the Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities and is subject to University Judicial processes. 
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