Undergraduate University Excused Absence

University-excused absences are for face-to-face classes only. For online classes, students work directly with their professors, unless an extreme emergency. For graduate classes, students work directly with their professors. Please review the policy and also what is excused and not excused. Weather, technology issues, and car trouble are handled by individual professors. Vacation is not an excused absence.

The excused absence policy has be found and reviewed by clicking here.

Undergraduate University Excused Absence Form – Fill out this form and attach all documentation for your absence.

Please note University Excused Absence requests may take up to 3 instructional days to process. University excused absences are not approved until you receive an email from the Division of Student Affairs. The Division of Student Affairs may request further documentation or reach out for clarification and it is the responsibility of the student to provide that information before an absence is approved.  Virtual classes will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Online classes are typically not excused, only in a case-by-case situation. Student Affairs only processes undergraduate excused absences, graduate students address these directly with their professor.

For a Professor Referral for Excused Absence, click here.