Commuter Student Services

You are not always on campus, but you are still a vital part of the Marshall University family. Make the most of your college experience by connecting with people, groups, and activities on campus.

Commuter Student Organization

In 2016, we realized the need for more activities and plans tailored to our commuter student population. As such, the Commuter Student Organization was created. The group meets once a month and is open to the entire Marshall community. All students are encouraged to support the Commuter Student Organization’s activities, as the group is essential in helping commuter students stay informed and have a voice on campus. For more information, e-mail the Commuter Students Organization at  

The Commuter Lounge (coming Fall 2017)

Brightly furnished with comfortable sink-in chairs, and the Commuter Lounge on the lower level of the Memorial Student Center is the perfect place to relax with friends. A low-key meeting place for commuting students, you will find students in the lounge socializing, studying, and of course, eating. There are tables where you can do homework, couches and a big-screen TV to relax, a printer, a charging station for your cell phone, a microwave to heat up your lunch, and information displays on upcoming programs and events for commuters and off-campus students.

Commuter Lockers

Student Center staff members coordinate the Commuter Lockers in the lower level. Lockers rare available to commuter students on a first-come, first-locked basis. To reserve a locker, please contact Tootie Carter at

Additional Commuter Resources

The Commuter Assistant Program connects new off-campus and commuter students with “seasoned” and trained staff member who provide support and resources. Commuter Assistants are campus leaders who are dedicated to helping other students have a great college experience. Our Commuter Assistants hold office hours in the Commuter Lounge and host programs throughout the year that specifically meet the needs of our off-campus and commuter students.

Commuter Meal Plan

There are 11 different meal plan options. These plans may be purchased for use during any regular academic term. Twin Towers and Harless cafeterias offer “all you care to eat” except premium nights. If you have any dietary constraints, please contact the Sodexo General Manager at 304-696-3329.
Commuter Meal Plans may be purchased through MyMU then selecting Ca$h Tracks. All Meal Plans offered by Marshall University require a Marshall University Student or Faculty/Staff I.D. Card. Further terms and conditions may apply. Or visit


FAQ for Commuter Students

Where do I get my ID card?  
You can get your ID card at the Campus ID office located in the lower level of the Memorial Student Center. You’ll need your MUID for nearly every transaction on campus including checking out books at the library, obtaining tickets for athletic events, entry to the Campus Recreation Center, printing in computer labs, etc.

Where can I find my class schedule? 
If you have any questions about scheduling classes, contact the Registrar’s office in Old Main at (304) 696-6410. You can also find your schedule on your MyMU account located on the homepage of Marshall University’s website.

How is a commuter student different from a residential student?  
Commuter students face many unique challenges while attending college. Commuters have to wait around campus in between classes and work instead of returning home. Commuters may have very limited time on campus during the day because of driving time, schedules, and work. Sometimes, if a commuter does not have class or work, he or she may not even come to campus. Commuters may have family and work responsibilities in addition to classes.

Where can I park on campus?  
The Marshall University Parking Enforcement Office is located in the Office of Public Safety building at 1801 Fifth Avenue. Office hours are Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Permit parking is enforced from 7 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday and 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday. Surface parking permits are for six months and the full year. A student surface-parking permit will allow you to park in any designated M.U. Student or General permit parking area on campus. Parking permits for the Third Avenue Parking Garage are available. Garage permits are for six months and the full year.

Where do I find out what books I need and where can I buy them?
The Marshall University Bookstore is located in the Memorial Student Center. All class books are available there. You should take a copy of your class schedule with you. There are tags for each book indicating the course and professor for which the book is required. You can also ask one of the bookstore’s friendly staff members for assistance.  Another option for finding your books is to buy them from other students on campus. Students sell their books by posting signs in the residence halls and the Student Center.

I need to use a computer. Where do I go? 
Several computer labs are available on campus, including labs in nearly every classroom building, the Drinko Library, the residence halls and the Student Center.

I’m not feeling well. What do I do?
Marshall University Student Health, located at Cabell-Huntington Hospital on Hal Greer Boulevard, is available for your acute medical needs. Call (304) 691-1100 for additional information or to make an appointment. Appointments are not required but are encouraged.

What are some things I should keep in my vehicle?
You should keep jumper cables, a bucket of sand (in case you get stuck), a shovel (for the snow), an ice scraper, de-icer, a box of tools, a flashlight, flares,  blankets, antifreeze, windshield wiper fluid, some non-perishable food items, spare eating utensils, and a change of clothes (in case you have to stay on campus).

The weather outside looks frightful! How do I know if my class is canceled?
You can check the MU website, local radio, and TV, or sign up to receive emergency text message alerts from the University. You can sign up for these message alerts at Click on the red MU Alert symbol and follow the instructions to opt-in.

What about getting involved in student organizations? 
For a list of all recognized student organizations (as well as information on how to start your own organization), go to the Student Activities office in the Student Center, Room 2W31.

Contact Information:
Andy Hermansdorfer, Director
Student Involvement & Leadership