angela-at-the-market-6-4-2014Mark your calendars for some great sustainability Coming Events!

  • Every Wednesday this Summer!MU-Grown Vegetable Market: 11AM-2PM @ the MU Memorial Student Center, sponsored by the MU Sustainability Department. Make a donation to the Student Garden project and get fresh vegetables that were grown right here on campus!
  • AUGUST - WOW Week of Welcome:
    21st – 5PM-6PM Garden Green Tour @ the MU Memorial Student Center. Take a tour of the sustainability side of Marshall University, including our many gardens. Be Marshall Green!
    - 7PM-8PM MU Critical Mass Bike Ride @ the Rec Center. Bring your bike, or check out an Eco Cycle from the Rec Center, and take a bike tour of Huntington. You’ll get a cool Commuter Bike Map of the city, and get to know where all the cool places are, including Ritter Park, the Wild Ramp local farmers market, River and Rail Bakery & Coffee Shop, Pullman Square, Harris Riverfront Park, Downtown, Marshall Hall of Fame Cafe’, and more!
    23rd – 10AM-11AM Garden Green Tour @ the MU Memorial Student Center. Take a tour of the sustainability side of Marshall University, including our many gardens. Be Marshall Green!
    - 12PM-3PM RecFest @ the Rec Center. The MU Sustainability Department will be participating in RecFest, so visit our table.
    8th“Meatless Mondays” begins – The Harless or Twin Towers dinning halls have joined together with the MU Sustainability Department in creating “Meatless Mondays”. Eating less meat reduces demand, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
    11thWV Brownfields Conference @ Big Sandy Superstore Conference Center – The Sustainability Dept. will be presenting on Sustainable Urban MicroFarm Systems (
    14th – (Sunday) – FitFest @ Ritter Park, sponsored by Rahall Transportation Institute (RTI) – We will be hosting an informational booth from 1-4:30PM. (
    23rd “Be Clean – Be Green” Workshop from 4:30-5:30PM. Our very own Capri Billings will teach participants about the benefits and ease of green and homemade cleaning products.
    25th“Chat-n-Chew” discussion and planning meeting for the community Sustainability Fair, to be held May 16th 2015 at Heritage Station (for more info, visit To join the discussion or help bring this project into fruition, come to the Frederick Building 940 4th Ave. from 5:30-7PM. “Chat-n-Chews” are a weekly community discussion forum hosted by Create Huntington (
    2-7SRAPPA Conference – as a part of Marshall University’s Physical Plant, the MU Sustainability Dept. will be lending a hand with this year’s SRAPPA conference, to be held this year at Pullman Plaza Hotel. For more information, visit
    19-21WV Solid Waste Authority Conference @ Pullman Plaza – The Cabell County SWA has worked diligently to create and maintain numerous community recycling stations, and host regular E-Cycle events. The MU Sustainability Dept. feels it is very important to promote awareness of their efforts and participation in their events.
    24th – (Friday) – 100 Mile Meal Day @ Twin Towers, and Campus Sustainability Day
    25thEPA GameDay Recycling Challenge @ the MU Football Stadium. This will be a homegame ( Join us in keeping our campus Marshall Green by helping recycle during Game Day. Lend a hand, pick up some litter, and recycle. The GameDay Recycling Challenge is a friendly competition for colleges and universities to promote waste reduction at their football games. During the challenge, colleges and universities implement waste reduction programs during home football games. Schools track and report waste reductions and disposal data that is used to rank the schools. The competition is run by a partnership of the College and University Recycling Coalition (CURC), RecycleMania, Keep America Beautiful (KAB) and EPA’s WasteWise program. (
    2nd – Time Change (“fall back” – turn your clock back one hour)
    13th – America Recycles Day – Campus Activities will be planned to participate in this national event
    15th – International Festival – The MU Sustainability Dept. will participate by showcasing a fun an interactive Global Sustainability issue (TBD)


Past Events:

  • Jan 29th, Wednesday, 10-11:30am, 2E10 MSC:  Greening Marshall Meeting 
  • Feb 5th, Wednesday: GREEN Pledge Drive Day
  • Feb 8th, Saturday: Boy Scouts Sustainability Badge Day @ MU
  • Feb 10th-13th: Recycled Valentines Week
  • Feb 12th, Wednesday: MU Day at the Capital
  • Feb 25th, Tuesday, 9am-2pm, BE5: Sustainable Architectural Design Lecture, by Jill Watkins
  • Feb 26th, Wednesday, 10-11:30AM, 2E10 MSC:  Greening Marshall Meeting
  • March 1st: EcoCycle Bike Loan Program begins its 4th year, so come on by and borrow a bike for the day for free!
  • March 3-7th: @ The Residence Halls – Spring Cleaning & Collections for GoodWill
  • March 7-9th: WSAZ HomeShow – make sure to check out their lectures on Friday evening and all day Saturday, most especially our very own Angela Kargul who will be speaking on the MU Sustainability Gardens from 7-8pm.
  • March 26th, Wednesday, 10-11:30AM, 2E37 MSC: Greening Marshall MeetingEarthDay-flyer-2014
  • April 2nd, Wednesday, 10PM-11PM: @ The Residence Halls – Power Hour energy conservation
  • April 12th, Saturday, 11AM-2PM: Student Yard Sale! Great chance for people in the community to come to campus and bargain shop.
  • April 14th, Monday: “Green Pledge” Residence Hall Competition Day!
         - 6PM to 7:30PMBen Lowe, Churches and Environmental Stewardship @ 26th St. Baptist Church
    8PM to 10PM: Yalmaz Siddique, speaker for Closing Program @ MU Student Center
  • April 22nd: MU Earth Day Festival!  Tuesday, 10AM-3PM – Come visit this huge annual campus event!
  • April 25th: Earth Day @ Ritter Park  Friday, 12-7PM - hosted by the Greater Huntington Park and RecreatioGreenFire-flyer-2014n District.
  • April 26th, Sunday, 9AM: Beech Fork Clean Up, hosted by the Cabell County Solid Waste Authority’s (CCSWA)
  • April 30th, Wednesday, 10-11:30AM, 2E37 MSC:  Greening Marshall Meeting
  • May 3rd, Saturday - “E-Recycling Event”: 8AM-3PM @ the 5th Ave Kroger in Huntington.
    Hosted by the Cabell County Solid Waste Authority’s (CCSWA). Bring your old computers, TV’s, DVD players, etc. “We’ll take anything with a cord.”
  • May 3rd, Saturday - Tour de PATH: 11AM @ Pullman Square
  • May 23rd, Friday – Energy Efficiency and WV Code Compliance: 8AM-Noon, followed by lunch, @ the Marshall University Memorial Student Center, room BE5. This event is sponsored by the West Virginia ASHRAE, WVU, and the WV DOE. The cost is $10, and you can earn 4 hrs continuing education, as well as AIA & WVBAR credit.
    To Register, visit
    Capacity is limited so sign up early to get a seat. 
    WV upgraded their State’s Building Energy Code in Depositphotos_4177714_xs1-300x2802013. WVU, WV ASHRAE and WV Dept of Energy is offering workshops to help everyone become familiar with the new code and how to meet it in order to obtain better buildings. Subject is of interest to owners, managers, consultants, builders, agents, representatives, appraisers, real estate agents, real estate attorneys, city sustainability leaders and code inspectors of commercial buildings – public and private. Attendees will learn how to calculate building energy intensity (EUI), obtain their Energy Star score, and compare their EUI with other buildings. Also learn what the new ASHRAE 90.1-2007 code requires, who will enforce the code and what they could look for. Other subjects will include building energy modeling, available rebates for upgrades, dynamic building commissioning and where to go for help/assistance/consultants.
  • June 18th - Health Fair:10am-1pm @ the MU Student Center, sponsored by the MU Nutrition and Dietetics Program.
  • June 17th-20th - Parent Orientation: 3PM-4:30PM @ MU Foundation Hall. The MU Sustainability Department will be participating in Parent Orientations, so visit our table.
  • July 8th-11th - Parent Orientation: 3PM-4:30PM @ MU Foundation Hall. The MU Sustainability Department will be participating in Parent Orientations, so visit our table.
  • August 7-8th  - Parent Orientation: 3PM-4:30PM @ MU Foundation Hall. The MU Sustainability Department will be participating in Parent Orientations, so visit our table.