Physics 9-Adult

The Physics Department works closely with the College of Education and Professional Development, who offers a B.A. in Secondary Education through the Physics 9-Adult program; it is within this program where the Physics Department ensures students are well prepared to become teachers with a strong background in Physics. Please see the College of Education and Professional Development section for the requirements for the B.A. ​

Academic Requirements

The Physics and Physical Science course requirements are (for a total of 36 credit hours):

  • PHY 201, 202, 203, 204, 320, 421, 447, 491/492 (capstone), and PS 101 and 325;
  • Plus three (3) additional upper (300 – 400) level physics elective courses, selected from the undergraduate catalog, and;
  • 2 hours of advanced labs

Additional course requirements are:

  • 9 credit hours of Mathematics courses (MTH 122, 127 or 130, and 140) and;
  • 9 credit hours of general Physical Science courses (CHM 211 and 217, GLY 200 and 210)

Endorsements in teaching for prospective Physics Teachers in secondary schools must conform to state licensure standards, which are subject to change. Students are encouraged to work closely with an adviser from the education faculty to ensure they meet the current requirements.

Course Requirements:

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
PHY 201 College Physics I 3
PHY 202 General Physics I Laboratory 1
PHY 203 College Physics II 3
PHY 204 General Physics 2 Laboratory 1
PHY 320 Intro Modern Physics 3
PHY 421 Modern Physics Lab 2
PHY 447 Mechanics for Teachers 3
PS 325 Development of Scientific Thought 4
PS 101 Introductory Astronomy (CT) 4
PHY/PS Electives Recommended Elective Courses 7
PHY 491/492 Capstone 2

Physics 9-ADULT COMPREHENSIVE Core Curriculum Requirements

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