College of Education and Professional Development

BA – Secondary Education


The CIF (Curriculum, Instruction, & Foundations) program includes elementary, secondary, educational foundations, and educational computing for pre-service teachers. The secondary programs are designed for those wanting to teach content to middle school and/or high school students.  The educational foundations and computing courses are designed for those entering the education field. Students receive broad content knowledge in the core academic area of choice as well as in the art and science of teaching children.

Prerequisites (students typically enter the program at the end of their sophomore year)

  • Undergraduate grade point average of 2.80 (both MU and overall)
  • Grade of “C” or better in EDF 201
  • Completion of Level I clinical
  • Passing scores on the PRAXIS Core exam (exempt from exam if SAT 1240 or ACT composite 26 or higher)
  • Passing score on admission portfolio
  • Completion of a minimum of 26 credit hours (at least 12 at Marshall University)

Plans of Study

Currently, the Secondary Education program offers licensure degree programs in the following areas (click to see course requirements):


In addition to the above degree programs, you may also add an additional content area endorsement in the following areas  (click to see course requirements):

English grades 5-9
General Science grades 5-9
Mathematics grades 5-9
Social Studies grades 5-9
Special Education grades 5-Adult 


For questions or further information regarding the Secondary Education program please contact:

Dr. Paula Lucas
Program Director
Education Building 104
Phone: 304-696-2882

Faculty & Staff Directory

For information on the program faculty and staff, click here.