College Degrees Online

Earning a college degree can sometimes seem unrealistic. It’s so easy to come up with a reason not to commit:  cost, time, age. But studies show that workers with a four-year undergraduate degree continue to earn more than those with just a high school education. A lot more.

And, according to the United States Census Bureau, U.S. workers with a master’s degree or higher earn, on average, 30% more annually than do those with a bachelor’s degree.

Either way, over a lifetime, having a degree can make a huge impact on your financial situation.

And there’s good news for students who’ve been putting off getting a degree. Schools like Marshall University have been busy developing accredited, all-online degree programs for both undergraduate and graduate degree seekers.

Degrees 100% Online

Marshall University is among those leading the way in meeting the needs of students who want to earn a degree online. These days, going back to school doesn’t necessarily mean going back to campus. Through innovative services like Marshall University Online Learning, Marshall offers six undergraduate degrees completely online.

Of course, your education doesn’t have to stop at a four-year degree. Marshall offers 18 all-online graduate degrees, plus 12 graduate certificates.

And free training is available to help you prepare for online learning and get up to speed with the latest technology.

It helps, too, that there’s a lower tuition rate for distance learning. And you should know that financial aid is available for qualifying students, just as it is for traditional students attending class on campus.

And if you prefer a traditional classroom setting, Marshall offers more than 150 undergraduate majors and 55 graduate degrees at their campus in downtown Huntington, West Virginia, and at their three regional campuses.

Finding Balance

So how do you balance work and family concerns with going back to school? While online learning is intrinsically flexible, it can still be challenging to fit classwork into your established routine.

It’s a good idea to start with clear goals in mind, and to pace yourself according to the reality of your schedule. And when you enlist your family in helping you meet your goals, they’ll help keep you on track and celebrate your accomplishments.

At Marshall University, you’ll also have the assistance of your academic advisor to help you choose your classes and discuss which course of study best meets your schedule and goals. You’ll also have access to free online tutoring, plus an online and on-campus library and career resources. So, no matter how you decide to go back to school, at Marshall, you’ll have the support you need to succeed.

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