College Life: What’s Life Really Like on Campus?

While every school is different, living on campus during your first two years of college has some proven benefits. In fact, studies show that students who live on campus get better grades than their off-campus counterparts!

At Marshall University, you’ll also find lots of other great reasons to live on campus:

  1. You can roll out of bed and get to class in 10 minutes. Plus, you’re right next to the library, dining halls, and the student center.
  2. You’ll make friendships that last a lifetime. Students who live on campus make strong connections, and Marshall’s living learning communities let you live alongside students with similar interests. (More on that below!)
  3. Living on campus is all-inclusive. Campus housing packages include the cost of your room as well as utilities, cable TV, internet, and maintenance. Front desks are manned 24 hours a day, and trained staff are always available.
  4. When you live on campus, you’re more likely to get involved in student orgs. That means you build up your résumé while pursuing your interests.
  5. Your social calendar is built in. Between on-campus events, performances, and games, you’ll have a lot going on at Marshall.

Campus Housing

These days, residence halls are so much more than just a place to sleep and do laundry – especially at Marshall. The University’s first-year halls are equipped with recreation lounges, classrooms, a learning center – with mentors to help you study – and even a theater room! (Check it out!) And safety is taken seriously: First-year residence halls feature card-swipe entry and video surveillance, so your parents can rest at ease.

Living away from home can take a little getting used to, and that’s where Resident Advisors can help. At Marshall, RAs are undergraduates who live alongside fellow students and are there to assist them. (RAs are also on hand to enforce safety policies and help resolve any issues that might arise.) Most importantly, they’re there to make living on campus fun. RAs plan and coordinate events and activities, and make sure everyone feels welcome.

RAs are also active in living learning communities – groups of students who share common interests and live together in designated residence halls. At Marshall, most LLCs are designed around a common academic interest, while others focus on campus involvement, leadership, or Greek life.

The Student Experience

Speaking of Greek life, becoming a member of a fraternity or sorority can change your life! Members of Marshall’s Greek community develop leadership skills, get involved in community service, and develop lifelong friendships. Marshall has 20 different Greek organizations (and, it should be noted, a zero-tolerance approach to hazing). But Greek membership is just one way to find your niche. The University is home to a whopping 200+ student organizations, which you can research through HerdLink, Marshall’s own online hub for experiencing college student life at its best. And don’t forget about community service. Marshall’s Office of Community Engagement connects students with service opportunities and outreach programs throughout the community.

Most colleges and universities have a group of students who help plan fun events for the whole campus. At Marshall, that’s the Campus Activities Board. Each semester, they organize a regular series of events like cosmic bowling, open mic night, and movies on the green, which are free to attend.

Also free to Marshall students is the Marshall Artists Series, which takes place at the landmark Keith-Albee Theatre – the destination for arts and entertainment at Marshall. The series includes A-list comedians and musical artists, plus live theatrical and dance performances, musicals, and international film festivals.

Parents are included in the fun, too, at events like Parent and Family Weekend, which takes place each year during Homecoming.

Sports and Fitness

Of course, football gets its fair share of attention on college campuses across the U.S. At Marshall, the 38,000-seat Joan C. Edwards Stadium is the place to cheer on the Thundering Herd. And with 15 NCAA Division I teams, football isn’t the only game in town at Marshall.

If an informal sport is more your speed, you’ll want to check out Marshall’s intramural and club sports. The Rec Center, too, is outfitted with courts galore, fitness studios, a pool, and a rock-climbing wall. In other words, you’ll have every opportunity to get up, get out, and get active!

Location, Location, Location

Location plays a big part in college life. Because Marshall is located in downtown Huntington, West Virginia, the city’s attractions are easy to get to. (And even first-year students can have cars on campus.) The crown jewel of the city is the 75-acre Ritter Park. Then there’s the Huntington Museum of Art and numerous entertainment venues and restaurants.

At Marshall, you get the best of all worlds: small-town hospitality, the vibrancy of a metropolitan center, and a dynamic campus life. There’s good reason Marshall students call campus “home.”

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