DEPARTING EMPLOYEE INFORMATION refers to a set of steps and activities that are required for or associated with the ending of a person’s employment at Marshall University (the University) as by resignation or retirement, etc. Some of the items in Departing Employee Information are done by the departing employee. Other things are done for him/her by others.  The list below can be followed in order to properly complete the withdrawal from active employment status.  This page may be printed to use as a handy reference.  A checkmark may be optionally placed by each item as it is completed.  This form does not need to be turned at the conclusion of the departing employee process.



[     ]  LETTER OF RESIGNATION: As soon as an employee determines to resign or retire, he/she should write a letter of resignation to their employing department.  The letter should indicate the last day to be worked and the reason for leaving university service. The employing department should accept in writing the notice of resignation or retirement. This can be accomplished by a signed pen-and-ink annotation to the employee’s resignation letter or by a separate signed writing to the employee.  A copy of the letter of resignation and the employing department’s acceptance of it should be sent to Human Resource Services as soon as possible.

[     ]  ANNUAL LEAVE DECISION: Leave-accruing employees who leave University employment and who have a positive balance of annual leave must make a decision regarding whether they wish to receive a lump-sum payout of accrued annual leave or remain on the payroll for as long as the accrued annual leave lasts after the last day worked.  Information about the implications of this decision may be obtained by contacting Human Resource Services in 207 Old Main, by phone at 304.696.6455, or by e-mail to

[     ]  BENEFITS DE-ENROLLMENT: Persons resigning or retiring from the University should contact Human Resource Services as 304.696.6455 or by e-mail to as soon as possible to schedule a benefits de-enrollment meeting.

[     ]  OUTLOOK GROUPWARE: The departing employee should contact Computing Services and inform them of their resignation/retirement date so that their account in the Outlook groupware can be set properly.  NOTE: Employees of the Marshall University School of Medicine (MUSOM) should contact the Division of Information Technology at 696.7337 (located in room G35 of the Medical Education Building, or in the Health Science Library of the Medical Center Building) to resolve their Outlook account.

[     ]  MARSHALL UNIVERSITY E-MAIL ACCOUNT: In certain circumstances, individuals may retain their Marshall University e-mail address.  Persons resigning or retiring should contact Computing Services and make proper arrangements for either the termination or continuation of their Marshall University e-mail account.

[     ]  BANNER DE-ENROLLMENT: For any departing employee who has privileges to the Banner system, the employee’s supervisor or other authorized representative from the employing department should contact Computing Services, 4th Floor, Drinko Library, in a timely manner for the purpose of stopping the individual’s Banner privileges consistent with the schedule for their departure from University employment.

[     ]  KEYS: The departing employee should turn in to their supervisor on their last day worked (or earlier as  appropriate) any keys to offices or locked storage they were issued.

[     ]  TELEPHONE CALLING CARD: Any telephone calling card issued to the departing employee should be turned in to the supervisor in a timely manner prior to the employee’s last day at work.

[     ]  CAMPUS I.D. CARD: The Campus I.D. Card should be turned in to Human Resource Services, 207 Old Main, on the last day of employment or as soon as the card is no longer needed if earlier than the last day.

[     ]  STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA PURCHASE CARD: If a departing employee was issued a State of West Virginia Purchase Card, the employee should turn the Purchase Card in to the supervisor in a timely manner prior to the departing employee’s last day of work.  The departing employee’s supervisor or other authorized representative of the employing department should contact the Finance Department’s Accounting Office at 304.696.2212 or

[     ]  PARKING PERMIT: If the departing employee was in possession of a Marshall University parking permit, he/she should notify Public Safety on 5th Avenue of their departure date. Public Safety may require that the parking permit be turned in to them prior to the departure of the employee.

[     ]  LIBRARY MATERIALS: The departing employee should make arrangements to return any outstanding Library materials and settle any overdue fines on or prior to the last day worked. Contact the Library staff on the ground floor of the Drinko Library.

[     ]  PERSONAL PROPERTY: The departing employee should make arrangements to remove any personal property from their  University work station on or prior to their last day worked.

[     ]  NOTIFICATION OF CHANGE OF ADDRESS. The Payroll Office will send the departing employee an INS Form W-2, statement of earnings, in January.  If the departing employee changes address after leaving employment at the University or the College, he/she is responsible for notifying the Payroll Office of their new address.  Otherwise the Form W-2 may not be received.  This office may be reached with paper mail at Payroll Office, Marshall University, 205 Old Main, One John Marshall Drive, Huntington, WV 25755, by phone to 304.696.6457.

[     ]  NOTIFICATION OF DEPARTURE OF CLASSIFIED EMPLOYEES: Human Resource Services will notify an officer of the Classified Staff Council of the departure of any regular-status classified employee.

[     ]  RETIREE STATUS: Human Resource Services should make arrangements to set the employment status of the departing employee in the Banner system to Retired (E-Class RT) as soon as possible consistent with their decision to draw down accrued annual leave versus taking a lump-sum payout.  This may require suspending the matter on the calendar to ensure that it is done at the proper time in the future.

ADDITIONAL STEPS/PROCEDURES RELATED TO DEPARTING FACULTY Faculty may terminate from the University in one of the following ways.  Steps associated with that particular category of termination are listed below.  Steps listed elsewhere in this information sheet may also need to be performed by terminating faculty.

[     ] RETIREMENT: (Reference HEPC Series 9) Retirement is defined as terminating full-time employment with the State of West Virginia and beginning the distribution of a retirement benefits package when eligibility requirements have been met.

[     ] Faculty who wish their names to be listed in the Commencement Program and in the Retiring Faculty Program at the Spring General Faculty Meeting must submit their retirement letter to Academic Affairs no later than March 15.

[     ] Official letter that indicates retirement with effective date.

[     ] Emeritus Status (Reference Board of Governors Policy AA-31) To be requested through your dean

[     ] Phased Retirement (Reference Faculty Senate SR-95-96-63)

[     ] RESIGNATION: (Reference HEPC Series 9) Resignation is voluntary termination of employment by an individual who is not retiring. (Typically, the employee has accepted employment elsewhere.)

[     ] Official letter that indicates resignation with effective date


[     ] Annual Notice of Non-retention of Probationary Faculty is to be sent by the President by March 1

[     ]  Before completing the penultimate year of a tenure-track appointment, any non-tenured faculty member shall be given written notice of tenure or offered a one-year written terminal contract of employment.

[     ] TERM  (Reference HEPC Series 9) OR TEMPORARY FACULTY (Reference Board of Governors Policy AA-28; HEPC Series 9) NON-REAPPOINTMENT:

[     ] FINANCIAL EXIGENCY (Reference Board of Governors Policy AA-33; HEPC Series 9) OR TERMINATION OF PROGRAM (Reference Board of Governors Policy AA-32; HEPC Series 9)