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Important PeopleAdmin Changes!

PeopleAdmin has updated their user interface.

  • New Menu and Screen Names
    • The Applicant Tracking screen (blue screen) is now the Hire screen.  The Position Management screen (orange screen) is now the Positions screen.
    • There is also a new module Navigation Menu. To move to different modules You will click on the three blue dots () as shown. The menu will drop. All images are shown below.


  • Navigation – We have instructions on how to navigate through the new system.

  • New Inbox The new inbox displays tabs for Hiring Proposals, Position Requests, Onboarding, etc. It has the option for creating your own filters.  It also shows the number of days a posting or position request has been in the current state.

  • Saving Pages as Favorites You can now save pages/searches as favorites so you will have a personalized menu. When you go to a page as shown below “Postings/Non-Classified/Classified Exempt,” there will be a star next to it. If you select the star, it will place it in your shortcut drop-down menu to the right of the screen.

How to begin using the PeopleAdmin system

The Search Process for Posting Faculty and Staff Position in PeopleAdmin 

How to post a Graduate Assistant position

Frequently Asked Questions