New Employee Onboarding Guide for Supervisors

Congratulations on your new employee!

This information will help guide you through the on-boarding process as the supervisor.  MU strives to create a positive working experience where faculty and staff are informed and engaged and have strong working relationships with their manager/supervisor and employees. We feel that to have this positive experience, a successful on-boarding experience is essential.


Marshall needs to ensure new hires feel welcome, appreciated, and are able to develop a sense of purpose and belonging within the university and community. What’s at stake? According to Gallup, only 12% of US employees say their organization does a good job at onboarding.

  1. Communicate with New Employee.
    • If there is an extended time period between the offer and the start date, stay in communication with your employee.
    • Send an informal announcement (ex. Email) to your department about their new team member and their background.
  2. Shortly before the start date, notify your employee of the following: 
    • Date and time to arrive the first day
    • Where to report and who to report to
    • Their work address and phone number
    • Parking information
    • Expectations for the first few days on the job
    • What to wear
  3. Mentor or “Buddy”
    • Select a member from your department/college to be a mentor or buddy for your new hire
  4. Set up new Employee’s Workstation (if applicable).
    • This can include a desk and/or computer. Provide your employee with an office that is in “move-in” condition.
    • Set up phone
    • Have office keys ready
    • Make sure necessary office supplies are available
    • Order business cards if necessary/possible.
    • Make sure your new employee is added to departmental/college email lists
  1. Time and Leave Reporting.
    • Verify that your new employee has been set up in both Banner and TCP. If the PAR has not been completely processed, the employee will not be able to clock in-and out (if required).
    • If you will be approving leave/time for your new  employee, you will need to request approve access for TCP by filling out the request form. If you have questions, or need additional assistance, contact
  2. Meet with your Employee.
    • Set aside time in your calendar to meet with your new employee the first few days and weeks.
    • Meet to discuss the job description, performance expectations, time and leave, etc.
  3. Create a Schedule for New Employee during the First-Week.
    • The schedule should include time with others, down time, and time on their own to read appropriate material for the department/college such as:
      • One-on-one or small group meetings with other team members. During these meetings,
        co-workers can discuss their duties and how they interact with the new employee.
      • Show new employee around campus.
  4. Update your Employees Work Information in Banner 
    • If your employees departmental information (work address, phone number) was not given to them before their first day, please update their information in Banner by completing the Employee Data Corrections Form.
  1. Performance Assessments (if applicable).
    • Discuss the employees performance assessments
  2. Discuss Employment Type with New Employee.
    • There are different employment types at MU which incude:
      • Classified
        • Classified-Exempt
        • Classified Non-Exempt
        • Classified Temporary
      • Non-Classified
      • Faculty
  3. Safety Plan.
  4. Emergency Contacts.
    • Determine your new employees emergency contact information

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