Educational Equivalencies

Marshall University uses educational equivalencies in determining if a potential applicant meets the minimum  education requirements as defined in the position description and job posting.  For example, if a candidate doesn’t have the required Bachelor’s or Master’s degree listed in the job posting/description, he/she may still be considered for the job pending that they have previous work experience.  “Significant position related experience” may count towards educational requirements.  For the purpose of awarding educational equivalency, “significant position related experience” is defined as working in a role where the essential job functions are primarily the same as the job in which you are applying.

Even though an individual may meet the minimum requirements, the hiring official may prefer additional education, experience, etc. and in many cases the most qualified and successful applicants have education and experience above and beyond the minimum requirements.

In evaluating educational equivalencies, the following general guidelines apply:


  • Doctoral degree = No Equivalency Granted
  • JD (Jurist Doctorate) = No Equivalency Granted
  • Masters degree = Bachelors degree + 5 years of significant position related experience
  • Bachelors degree = Associates degree + 5 years of significant position related experience
  • Associates degree = 5 years of significant position related experience
  • Vocational/Technical/Trade Schools = 4 years of significant position related experience

Note: There is no educational equivalency for required certifications and/or licensures.

Download the educational equivalency form for evaluation.

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