New Employee Onboarding

Welcome to Marshall from President Smith!

We are excited to welcome you to Marshall University. This is our on-boarding process to welcome and support employees during their transition to a new position at Marshall. The following information is provided to assist you as you transition to your new position at Marshall. You are encouraged to print the Printable Version to use as a handy reference. For any questions related to the arriving employee process, please contact us by emailing at, calling 304-696-6455 or stop by our office at 207 Old Main.

Why is On-boarding Important?

The on-boarding process builds the University’s reputation for being a thoughtful employer, with great training, clear leadership, and a strong organization as well as:

  • Assists in retention of employees
  • Reduces high turnover
  • Increases productivity levels quickly
  • Encourages success for your department and the employee

This guide provides suggestions and best practices for success and begin building a strong connection with your new employee.

Our Goals for New Employee On-Boarding

We want to welcome you and support your “Best Decision EVER” by becoming a “Son or Daughter of Marshall”. We will provide you with our knowledge of employment processes and assist with information about any specific needs you may have within your first months of employment.

  1. Offer Letter
    • If you are Faculty, you will sign your letter and return it to the employing department. The original letter is maintained in the Office of Academic Affairs. If you have not received your offer letter, please contact your department.
    • If you are Staff, you will sign your offer letter and receive a copy during your onboarding appointment. The original Staff offer letter is maintained in the Office of Human Resources.  
  2. Communicate with your department liaison or supervisor; make sure you understand.
    • What time to arrive
    • Where to report when you first arrive
    • Dress-code expectations
    • What to bring on your first day
    • Your supervisor’s phone number
    • Your work address and phone number
  3. Complete the USCIS I-9 form at the HR Office.Employees may complete the I9 form in one of three ways: 
    • The new employee may bring their original, unexpired documents to our offices in Old Main, Room 207, and complete form I9 in person. The list of acceptable documents is found on page 2 here. If you are an employee of MURC and need to complete your I9, please contact Coria Kent at 304-696-6320 or  
    • The new employee may complete form I9 remotely. Instructions to complete the form in this manner can be found here 
    • The I9 can be completed via I9 Everywhere. To utilize this choice, please partner with your employing department.  
  4. Complete a Background CheckA Background Check must be performed for all new regular status, benefits eligible employees.  
    • If you have not received the email link from Sterling Talent Solutions, please contact your employing department. If you have questions about the policy for background checks, it can be found here 
  5. Obtain MUID (Official University ID Number).
    • If you have had previous affiliation with the university as a student, vendor, or business partner, you have a Marshall ID number. If you are unsure of your number, please contact HR Services at 304-696-6455. 
    • If you have had no previous affiliation with the university, you will need to complete and return the New Employee Person Data Entry Form. The completed form will allow the Human Resources office to issue a Marshall ID number. The form may be dropped off in our offices or may be emailed to .
  6. Enroll in a Benefit Session. 
    • If you are a staff member, the process for benefits enrollment was covered with you in your onboarding appointment. If you have questions about your enrollment or the session, please email . 
    • If you are a faculty member and have not received information regarding your benefits session, please enroll in a session here . If you have questions about your enrollment or the session, please email
  7. Complete Payroll forms.
    • Complete all of the applicable forms in the the Payroll Office at 304-696-6457 or email at Located in Old Main 203.
  8. Complete Drug-Free Workplace Form
  1. Complete and Submit your Direct Deposit Form.
  2. Obtain University I.D. Access Card
    • New employees will be issued a University Identification (I.D.) card. All employees will need to present an ID Request Form which they will receive from Human Resources.
    • ID cards are issued by the Campus I.D. Card Office in Drinko Library 143. Please note that the individual must be properly entered in the Banner system and have an MU identification number generated before the I.D. Card can be issued.
  3. Obtain your Outlook Email Account.
  4. Attend a Benefits Session and Enroll in your Benefits.
  5. Obtain Parking Permit.
    1. You must obtain your MUID before a Parking Permit will be granted.
    2. New employees may pay a fee and receive a University parking permit. Parking permits are issued by the Parking Office in the Bliss Charles Public Safety Building. Payments for parking permits may be received at the Bursar windows on the first floor of Old Main. Parking permits may also be paid for through payroll deduction. If the latter is preferred, the new employee should contact the Payroll Office, 205 Old Main.
  6. Obtain Office Keys.
    • Office keys are issued by the hiring department. New employees should inquire with their supervisor about the issuance of keys. Keys are the property of the University and should be returned if/when employment ends.
  7. Change Of Address (If Relocating)
    • New employees may establish a new home address in the community that may be different from the address they used in the recruiting process, particularly if they are relocating to the community. Newly arrived employees who have a new home address need to complete the Employee Information Change Form.
  1. Complete the Employee Entrance Survey.
    • We take pride in customer service as well as the satisfaction level of our employees. We would like to know your experiences during your application and on-boarding process by completing the Entrance Survey.
  2. Learn your work contact information
    • Phone extension
    • Email address
    • Employee ID number
    • Work address
  3. Make sure you understand your Department
    • What is expected of you when performing your position.
    • Understand your policies and procedures for your department and the university.
    • Emergency evacuation procedures, and campus closure procedures
    • Office/ work area: breakroom, restroom, copy machine, office supplies, mail box
    • Who you may go to with questions in when your supervisor is not available
    • Typical schedule, break periods, how to request leave
    • Office culture and expectations – keeping office doors open/ closed, how to greet customers, taking time to socialize with co-workers, meeting etiquette.
  4. Register for Training (Job Specific)
    • The training sessions listed below are job specific. Please consult with your supervisor to determine which sessions are required for your job.
    • For complete information and online registration for these courses and other training opportunities, including, please access the Training & Development Schedule at:

See the On-boarding duties for your supervisor.

Office of the Obmuds

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