Human Resource Services Policies and Procedures

Presented below are Marshall University Board of Governors (BOG) policies on human resources-related subjects as well as Human Resource Services policies and procedures. The Human Resource Services policies and procedures take two forms. First, if a “BOG” link appears beside a policy topic it means there is a BOG policy on that subject. The “HR” link next to that will either be an administrative procedure to effectuate the provisions of the associated BOG policy, or it will be a placeholder for a possible future administrative procedure. If a policy topic does not include a BOG link, then the HR link connects to a stand-alone Human Resource Services policy and procedure on that topic. The number in the parentheses following the policy title is the policy number. BOG policy numbering takes precedence. If a new HR-related BOG policy is approved, certain HR Services-only policies may be re-numbered.

At certain times, there may be links to DRAFT HR policies and procedures. Comments are invited on the draft policies and procedures. Comments are welcome as well regarding any other policies and procedures appearing on this site. Comments on the draft policies and procedures may be made in writing to Bruce Felder, Director, Human Resource Services, Marshall University, 207 Old Main, One John Marshall Drive, Huntington, WV 25755. Comments may be e-mailed to or faxed to 304.696.6844.

These policies are presented as Adobe® PDF documents. Viewing these will require the Adobe Reader® which can be downloaded free from the Adobe® site at These policies and procedures do not contain web navigational links back to this page, so please use the “back” button on the web browser in order to return to this page.

For any questions on these policies and procedures, please contact Human Resource Services at 304.696.6455 or by e-mail to

ACA – Implementation Guidelines (47) HR
ACA – Scheduling of Adjunct Faculty (48) HR
Annual Experience Increment Policy (AEI) (18) HR
Application for Employment (30) HR
Application of Family and Medical leave Act (FMLA) (19) HR
Background Checks (14) BOG HR
Benefit Vendor Solicitation Policy (17) HR
Benefits Eligibility (34) HR
Campus Major Incident Information Policy (38) HR
Classified Emeritus Status (46) HR
Classified Recruiting (13) BOG HR
Classified/Non-Classified Employment Appointments in December (9) BOG HR
Customer Service Coverage (45) HR
Deadline for Personnel Action Requests (PARs)/Electronic Personnel Action Forms (EPAFs)(22) HR
Departmental Leave Documentation (26) HR
Drug-Free Workplace Policy (21) HR
Employee Catastrophic Leave Policy (3) BOG HR
Employee Infractions (10) BOG HR
Employee of the Month Information Brochure – Not a Policy VIEW
Employee Solicitation and Outside Businesses (8) BOG HR
Employment of Students with F-1 Visas (24) HR
Four-Part Progressive Counseling (5) BOG HR
Hiring of Minors (28) HR
Human Resources Support (25) HR
Job Abandonment (35) HR
Law Enforcement Agency Checks (29) HR
Medical Leave of Absence Following Cessation of TTD Benefits (20) HR
Payroll Reassignments-Leave Deficits (7) BOG HR
Performance Assessment, Classified and Non-Classified Employees (12) BOG HR
Position Information Questionnaire – DRAFT (41) HR
Return to Work/Light Duty Program – Workers’ Compensation – DRAFT (16) HR
Review of Part-Time Classified Positions (2) BOG HR
Seniority Basis for Overtime Selection (42) HR
Staff Development (1) BOG HR
Telecommuting Policy (6) BOG HR
Temporary/Casual Employment – DRAFT (31) HR
Timeline for ADA Accommodation (36) HR
Timeline for Classification Reviews (32) HR
Timeline for Completion and Processing of PIQ (40) HR
Work Schedules and Employment Innovations (4) BOG HR
Work Week (23) HR

State Policy Resources
West Virginia Public Employees Grievance Board
West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission
West Virginia Advisory Council of Classified Employees