Board Policies

Policies in Effect

Notice Regarding Administrative Procedures

Policies may direct university administration to create an administrative procedure to implement the policy. Such administrative procedures are available on the individual unit’s web page or on the University Administrative Procedures web page at

Board Policies are sequentially numbered and grouped by area

AA – Academic Affairs

Number Name Effective Date
MUBOG AA-1 Sabbatical Leave 06/08/21
MUBOG AA-2 Faculty Development 08/01/19
MUBOG AA-3 Reduced Tuition for Persons 65 and Over 08/01/19
MUBOG AA-4 Measles and Rubella Immunization Policy 08/01/19
MUBOG AA-5 Rule on Adjunct Faculty (4-Year Colleges) 12/03/19
MUBOG AA-6 Awarding of Undergraduate and Graduate Fee Waivers 04/26/23
MUBOG AA-7 Salary Increases for Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty 07/27/21
MUBOG AA-8 Distribution of General Faculty Salary Inc Funds (Four-year;FY2005 only) (rescinded) 12/03/19
MUBOG AA-9 Credit for Service in the Public Schools 10/15/19
MUBOG AA-10 Faculty and Administrative Productivity (rescinded) 12/03/19
MUBOG AA-11 Appropriate Use of ID Numbers 10/15/19
MUBOG AA-12 Academic Dishonesty 09/13/22
MUBOG AA-13 Class Attendance 10/15/19
MUBOG AA-14 Course Syllabus 08/01/19
MUBOG AA-15 Course Withdrawal 06/26/22
MUBOG AA-16 Freshman and Sophomore Midterm D & F Grades 08/01/19
MUBOG AA-17 University Textbooks (amended) 12/09/10
MUBOG AA-18 Equivalencies for College Teaching 09/28/20
MUBOG AA-19 Joint Teaching Appointment within the Institution 03/08/06
MUBOG AA-20 Graduate Faculty Membership 04/26/23
MUBOG AA-21 Faculty Workload 10/28/21
MUBOG AA-22 Annual Evaluation of Faculty 06/08/21
MUBOG AA-23 Temporary Faculty Annual Reports and Years Applied Toward Tenure 03/08/06
MUBOG AA-24 Course Evaluations 05/28/19
MUBOG AA-25 Personnel Records 05/28/19
MUBOG AA-26 Faculty Promotion 01/28/20
MUBOG AA-26X Faculty Promotion 03/08/06
MUBOG AA-28 Faculty Tenure 09/28/20
MUBOG AA-28X Faculty Tenure 03/08/06
MUBOG AA-29 Principal Investigator Salary Payments 03/08/06
MUBOG AA-30 Tutoring of Students by Faculty 05/28/19
MUBOG AA-31 Emeritus Status of Retired Employees 02/01/21
MUBOG AA-32 Termination of Faculty Due to Program Reduction or Discontinuance 10/15/19
MUBOG AA-33 Plan for Meeting Financial Exigency 06/25/20
MUBOG AA-34 Commencement 10/15/19
MUBOG AA-35 Faculty Absences 05/28/19
MUBOG AA-36 Political Activities 05/28/19
MUBOG AA-37 Teaching and Administration 09/28/20
MUBOG AA-38 Selection, Role, and Evaluation of Department Chairs 12/03/19
MUBOG AA-39 Selection and Evaluation of Faculty Deans 08/01/19
MUBOG AA-40 Faculty Compensation from Grants and Contracts 08/01/19
MUBOG AA-41 Individual Conflict of Interest in Research 01/28/20
MUBOG AA-42 Employee Dependent Undergraduate Tuition Assistance Program 09/13/22
MUBOG AA-43 Modified Duties for Nine-Month Faculty 12/03/19
MUBOG AA-44 Institutional Conflict of Interest in Research 01/28/20
MUBOG AA-45 Salary Increases for Library and Clinical Faculty 07/27/21
MUBOG AA-46 Distance Education Courses 06/06/22
MUBOG AA-47 Electronic Records Management 03/24/20
MUBOG AA-48 Ownership of Scholarly and Creative Works 07/27/21

FA – Financial Affairs

GA – General Administration

HR – Human Resources

IT – Information Technology

SA – Student Affairs

Number Name Effective Date
MUBOG SA-1 Student Rights and Responsibilities (also see administrative procedure STUDENT-3) 08/01/22
MUBOG SA-2 Student Academic Rights 07/12/13
MUBOG SA-3 Student Code of Conduct, Repealed, included in Policy SA-1 02/22/17
MUBOG SA-4 President’s Emergency Authority 06/28/06
MUBOG SA-5 Directory Information 12/01/20

About the Board

Members of Marshall University’s Board of Governors are citizens—appointed by the governor—who oversee the university’s operations and establish its policies.

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