Process for Receiving an MU Exchange Account

Below is the new process for obtaining an Exchange Account. There are two different scenarios for obtaining an account;

  1. Person requesting an Exchange account has had a previous affiliation with Marshall University (been assigned an MUID) as one of the following employement types below. Follow the Previous Affiliation Instructions.

    • Business Partner (Non-MU Employees)
    • Faculty
    • MURC
    • Staff
    • Student (applied as a student)
    • Vendor
  2. Person Requesting Account has never had previous affiliation with Marshall University (never been assigned an MUID). Follow the No Previous Affiliation Instructions.
<strong>Click Here for Previous Affiliation Instructions</strong>
<strong>Click Here for No Previous Affiliation Instructions</strong>

Once forms have been submitted, allow 1-2 days for processing. Then contact the IT Service Desk at 696-3200 to obtain your username and password.