CECS Committees Members

CECS Representatives Faculty Senate Committees CECS Internal Committees MU Committees
1 Husein Al-Qawasmi Website Committee
2 Richard Begley Legislative Affairs Personnel (Dean Appointed)
Recruitment & Retention
3 Ronald Bieniek Creative Works and Scholarly Activity
Council (Alternate for Szwilski)
4 James Bryce Physical Facilities & Planning
5 Jamil Chaudri Faculty Personnel Outcomes Assessment
Space Committee
General Education
International Course
Hearing Panel
6 Gang Chen Personnel Committee (Dean Appt.) Hearing Panel
7 Tracy Christofero Budget Work Group
Long-term Strategic Planning
Student Recruitment & Retention
Academic & Research Program Dev.
Community Engagement & Lead.
8 Dave Dampier Research Committee
9 Mehdi Esmaeilpour Student Conduct & Welfare
10 Salam Hajjar Library
11 Iyad Hijazi Hearing Panel
12 Eldon Larsen WDOE Personnel
13 Jian Liu University Curriculum Committee
ad hoc Constitution Review Committee
Curriculum Chair
Website Committee
AS&T rep on CECS Personnel
Distinguished Artists and Scholars Award (MU DASA)
14 Haroon Malik Budget & Academic Policy Website Pickens Teaching
15 James McIntosh Personnel, Chair (end F2016)
Space Committee
16 Greg Michaelson Senator
Faculty Senate Executive Committee
Students with Disabilities (chair)
Univ. Council of Chairs Award for Excellence in Teaching
Ad Hoc eCampus Committee
17 Husnu Narman Athletic Committee
18 Cong Pu Senator
19 Ross Salary Faculty Development
20 Asad Salem Academic Planning Assessment
Space Committee
Recruitment & Retention
University Assessment
21 Scott Simonton Personnel (at-large) elected Hearing Panel
22 Tony Szwilski Legislative Affairs Space Committee, chair
Recruitment & Retention
ad hoc OCR Committee/Dean Appt.
Creative Works and Scholarly Activity Council
23 Paulus Wahjudi Personnel Committee
Recruitment & Retention
Strategic Planning
Hedrick Award
Honor College Curriculum and Policies Committee
24 Isaac Wait Research Personnel (WDoE rep)
WDoE Rep to Curriculum Committee)
Recruitment & Retention
General Education Council
Multidisciplinary/Interdisciplinary Degree Program Committee
CECS Rep on Graduate Council
25 Wook-Sung Yoo Recruitment & Retention
26 Sungmin Youn Senator Environment Collaboration Committee