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Degree Works

Degree WorksTrack Your Path to Success with DegreeWorks

Welcome to DegreeWorks, a degree-auditing and tracking tool. DegreeWorks tracks your academic achievement and compares where you are at with the requirements for your selected major as determined by the Marshall University Course Catalog. Using DegreeWorks, you can check your academic progress toward a degree, review the requirements already completed, and use the information provided to plan courses you should take to complete your degree requirements.

DegreeWorks helps provide you and your academic advisor with information that helps you focus on your academic goals and how to achieve them.

DegreeWorks provides an electronic audit of your progress toward a specific degree. The audit reports on:

  • Courses and credit hours earned as applied toward your degree program
  • Catalog requirements in effect when you choose a major
  • All requirements necessary to receive a specific degree
  • Transfer credits used to satisfy degree requirements
  • Courses for which you are currently registered
  • Courses that do not apply to specific degree requirements, but do apply toward overall earned hours and cumulative GPA

To learn more about DegreeWorks, click the links to the right. To log-in to DegreeWorks and begin using its reporting and auditing capabilities, log in to myMU, and click on the DegreeWorks link on the Student Information tab.

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