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National Student Exchange (NSE)

Marshall University is one of 200 colleges and universities that participate in the National Student Exchange (NSE) throughout the United States, its territories, and Canada.The NSE Program allows qualifying students to study for up to 2 semesters at participating universities and colleges for the price of their Marshall University tuition. In order to qualify for the program, students must be in good academic, financial, and social standing with the university as well as have a minimum of a 2.5 overall GPA.

NSE postcard

By participating in NSE, students will…

  • Broaden personal and educational experiences
  • Study and live in a different environment
  • Explore and appreciate new cultures
  • Take courses not offered on their home campus
  • Search for graduate schools or future employment
  • Acquire life skills
  • Have the time of their life!

For more information, visit

Or contact the Marshall University NSE Coordinator:

Robin Taylor, Academic Counselor, Communications Building Room 212-K, 304-696-5819,

University College

Communications Building Room 212
Tel: 304-696-3169
M – F,  8am – 5pm

Contact List

Sherri Stepp
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Communications Building Room 212-B

Christopher Atkins
Director of University College
Communications Building Room 212-D

Robyn Stafford
Student Support Specialist
Communications Building Room 212-J

Robin Taylor
Student Support Specialist
Coordinator of National Student Exchange
Communications Building Room 212-K

Zach Bailey
Student Support Specialist
Communications Building Room 212-H

Emily Reeves
Student Support Specialist
Communications Building Room 212-F

Jesseka Bush
Academic Advisor
Communications Building Room 212-E


Angie Rose
Administrative Associate

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