PeopleAdmin Resources

How to Guides . . . Job Searching with PeopleAdmin
You must Create an Account in the PeopleAdmin system to apply for jobs.
View All Current Employment Opportunities at Marshall and Marshall University Research Corporation. 

How to Guides . . . Using PeopleAdmin Employee Portal
You must have an Employee Profile (Role). If your role is not correct, you will not be able to access the information you need. 

How to Guides . . . Graduate Assistants
How the Graduate Assistant system works. Graduate Assistant Workflow Diagrams 
Graduate Assistant Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 07/19/2017  
Creating a Job Posting for Graduate Assistants  Applicant Tracking Module, Blue Screen. 
How to Review/Approve Posting for Graduate Assistant Positions– Applicant Tracking Module, Blue Screen.
Creating a Hiring Proposal for Graduate Assistants – Applicant Tracking Module, Blue Screen.

How to Guides . . . Faculty, Staff, and MURC 
How the  Classified, Non-Classified, Faculty, MURC systems work. Workflow Diagrams
 Creating a New Position – Position Management Module, Orange Screen. 
Modifying a Current Position – Position Management Module, Orange Screen.
Creating a Job Posting – Applicant Tracking, Blue Screen. 

How to Guides . . . For Search Committees and Chairs 
If you are on a Search Committee and not a Marshall or MURC Employee, you will need to Log into System as a Guest User.
Prior to Search Committee Participation. Search Committee Training is required if you have not received it in the past two years. 
If you are the Chair of the Search Committee – Applicant Tracking Module, Blue Screen. 
If you are a Member of the Search Committee – Applicant Tracking Module, Blue Screen.
When to set up the Interviews.