PeopleAdmin Resources

How to begin using the PeopleAdmin system

How to apply for jobs

  • To apply for jobs in PeopleAdmin, you must first have an account. Once you have created your account, you can begin applying for a job.

How to begin using the employee portal

  • You must have an Employee Profile (Role). If your role is not correct, you will not be able to access the information you need.

How to post a Faculty, Staff, or MURC position

WorkFlow 1 – After receiving the freeze committee approval email from HR, the first workflow is either modifying your position or creating your new position in the Position Management (orange) screen. Most positions should already be in PeopleAdmin for you to modify, only brand new positions you will have to create from “scratch.”

  1. Modifying a Position in Position Management (orange) screen –
  2. Creating a Brand New Position in Position Management (orange) screen –

To see the workflow in a visual/diagram format, click the workflow diagram.

Workflow 2 – The second is creating your posting for applicant to apply in the Applicant Tracking (blue) screen, this information will be pulled from what you entered into the Position Management (orange) screen.

  1. Creating your Posting in Applicant Tracking (blue) Screen –

Workflow 3 – Search Committee Chair/Member Instructions – Once your position is posted, the search committee will take over.

  1. Search Chair Instructions – How to view and move applicants in the system,
  2. Search Member – How to view applicants,
    1. Prior to Search Committee Participation. Search Committee Training is required if you have not received it in the past two years.
    2. If you are on a Search Committee and not a Marshall or MURC Employee, you will need to Log into System as a Guest User.

How to post a Graduate Assistant position

Workflow 1 – This is the Posting that you will create on the Applicant Tracking (blue) screen for your students to apply for your position(s) –

Workflow 2 – This is the Hiring Proposal you will create for your successful students that you want to hire for the semester(s). The Hiring proposal will create the Graduate Assistant Contract which will be sent to the creator’s email and will begin the process of entering them into Banner and TCP –[

To see the workflow in a visual/diagram format, click the workflow diagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

Graduate Assistant – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 07/19/2017