Credit Options


Advanced Placement (AP) Examination

Marshall University recognizes certain examinations of the College Board Advanced Placement Program. Students who participate in the AP program and wish to have their scores evaluated for credit should have their official scores sent to Marshall University by selecting Marshall’s code 5396 on the exam. To be evaluated for credit, official AP score reports must be sent directly to the Marshall University Office of Admissions from the College Board. The AP examinations are prepared by the College Board, and the papers are graded by readers of the Educational Testing Service, Princeton, New Jersey 08540. Students cannot receive credit for a score below 3 on any exam. Students who do receive credit will be assigned the grade of CR which is not calculated into the GPA. All AP credit is counted as lower-division credit. See pages 30-31 of our 2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog for required scores on specific exams.

International Baccalaureate

Marshall University recognizes examinations taken as part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program. Students who participate in the IB Program should have their scores sent directly to Marshall University. Students will not receive credit for a score below 4 on any IB exam. All IB credit is counted as lower-division credit. Please refer to page 31-32 of our 2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog for the IB exams that will be considered for credit at Marshall University. Students will be awarded course equivalencies based on the score they are able to attain on the IB exam. Only Higher Level exams will be considered for credit.

College Level Examination Program

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) enables students who can demonstrate knowledge and/or proficiency in certain fields to reduce the cost in time and money for pursuing a college education by successfully completing CLEP tests for credit.

Intensive reading in a particular field, on-the-job experience, or adult education may prepare a student to earn college credit through CLEP tests. This would reduce the total amount of coursework needed to complete degree programs. Scores on the test may also validate educational experience obtained at a non-accredited institution or through noncredit college courses. Credit completed through CLEP does not count as a part of the 18- hour limit under the Credit/Non-Credit Option. Credit earned through CLEP exams does not automatically satisfy specific academic requirements. Since colleges and departments have different curriculum requirements and may use the scores in different ways, students should consult first with their department or division chairs or their deans’ offices on how the examinations would be used. Please call 304-696-2330 for more information or to schedule a CLEP exam.

Please refer to page 32 of our 2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog for the CLEP exams that will be considered for credit.

Military Experience and Training Credit

Marshall University recognizes and awards college credit for military training and experience as outlined by American Council on Education recommendations. To receive credit, current students must have earned at least 12 semester hours at Marshall University with a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher. Qualifying veterans should request a copy of their Joint Services Transcript (JST) or Community College of the Air Force/Air University transcript(s) be mailed directly to the Office of Admissions from the issuing agency.

Army Commission Credit

Veterans should contact the Military Science Department if they are interested in receiving credit for military service and applying it toward receiving a commission as an Army officer.

Service Members Opportunity Colleges

Marshall University is an institutional member of Service Members Opportunity Colleges (SOC), a group of over 1500 colleges and universities providing postsecondary education to members of the military throughout the world. As an SOC member, Marshall recognizes the unique nature of the military and has committed itself to easing the transfer of relevant course credits, providing flexible academic residency requirements, and crediting learning from appropriate military training and experiences.

United States Marine Corps Platoon Leaders Class

Equivalent credit in Military Science may be awarded for successful completion of the Marine Corps Platoon Leaders Class. Students who have completed this class may apply at the Marshall University Department of Military Science Office for possible awarding of credit. For additional information on this class, write to: United States Marine Corps, Officer Selection Office, 641 Corporate Drive, Suite 104, Lexington, Kentucky 40503, phone: (606) 223-2446.