Transient Course Approval Form

Transient Course Approval Form Instructions

This form must be completed PRIOR TO VISITING another campus for academic credit. Current degree seeking Marshall University students who wish to enroll at another institution as a visiting student must complete the Transient Approval Request form. This form serves as your letter of good standing for the visiting institution, as well as confirming how the course(s) will transfer to Marshall University. A Transient Approval Request form must be submitted for every term you wish to visit another institution. Students who fail to complete this online form prior to attending another institution may be required to apply as a transfer student and pay the $50 transfer evaluation fee.

Complete all necessary information. An official transcript must be received by the Office of Admissions after the course(s) have finished for credit to be reviewed and entered in academic history.

Before you progress to using this form, please ensure that you have the following information:

  • Name of visiting institution
  • Email of visiting institution
  • Courses at visiting institution
  • Course descriptions, if needed

Please work with the Office of Admissions to answer any questions before submitting this form.

To complete the form, click here.