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Welcome to Marshall University!

If you are still attending high school, you can apply to Marshall University for Early College Credit — and start earning your college credits while you’re completing high school. (If you are not currently enrolled in high school, please visit our Admissions page to get more information about other types of students who apply and are admitted to Marshall University.)

Marshall University offers a variety of Early College Credit admission options. Students may apply to attend Marshall University for early college credit on either a full- or part-time basis prior to graduating from high school. Please note that students who enroll at Marshall University to earn college credits prior to high school graduation have not been admitted as freshmen and are not eligible for financial aid or on-campus housing.

When you’re ready to take your next steps to apply to Marshall University, use this page as your Application Checklist for Early College Credit admissions. To apply, please complete the Application for High School Students for Early College Credit.

If you need more help, please contact the Office of Admissions. Let’s get started!

Already Admitted?

After you apply and are admitted to Marshall, please complete the Enrollment Checklist to become a Marshall early college credit student.

Review Admission Requirements and Apply

To apply to Marshall as an Early College Credit student, please be sure to review the admission requirements for your current status:
Prior to your junior year of high school
In your junior or senior year of high school
As an international high school junior or senior

Students who take college courses at Marshall during high school under any of the above options and plan to later apply for admission to Marshall University must still meet all Marshall University admission standards for new freshmen or other student types.

When you’re ready, apply here. After you submit your completed application, application fee, and all required admission materials, we will review your file and notify you about our admission decision.

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