Undergraduate Admissions
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If you have graduated from high school and have not yet enrolled in any college or university, you can apply to be a first-year freshman student at Marshall. (If this doesn’t sound like you, please visit our Admissions page to review other types of students who can apply to Marshall.)

We hope you’ve had a chance to experience Marshall by visiting campus, meeting our Admissions team, learning about our academic programs, and more. When you’re ready to take your next steps to apply to Marshall University, review admission requirements for Marshall freshman. We’re excited to help you begin your journey to becoming a Son or Daughter of Marshall.

If you need help, please contact the Office of Admissions. Let’s get started!

Already Admitted?

After you apply and are admitted to Marshall, please complete the Enrollment Checklist to become a Marshall freshman student.

Review Admission Requirements and Apply
Applying for admission to Marshall University is easy. We provide all the steps you need to complete the undergraduate admission process to apply and be admitted as a Marshall freshman.

Your first step is to review all of our freshman admission requirements, including undergraduate application deadlines, and then apply.

After you submit your completed undergraduate application, application fee, and all required freshman admission materials, we will review your file and notify you about our admission decision.

Freshman Admission Requirements
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