What is a trademark, logo or symbol?

The trademark is any mark, word, letters or symbol associated with its owner that can be distinguished from its competitors. At Marshall University, these include, but are not limited to:

  • M
  • MU
  • Marshall
  • Marshall University
  • Marco
  • The Herd
  • Big Green
  • Thundering Herd
  • University seal

Who governs the logo use?

The Marshall University logo is a registered trademark, may only be used for approved purposes and cannot be modified in any way without approval. University Communications and IMG College Licensing work together to oversee the proper use of Marshall logos and to maintain the Marshall brand. University Communications is responsible for materials produced at the university level. If it is determined that materials do not conform to the university’s Brand Guide, the department or program producing the piece will be expected to take corrective action, up to and including ceasing distribution and producing a corrected version of the publication.

How do I reference the university?

The university should always be known by its proper name — Marshall University — on first reference. The full name Marshall University should appear prominently on the front cover of all marketing materials or publications, as well as in the credits of all videos and films. Marshall is acceptable for second and subsequent references. Marshall University should not be referred to as MU. There are other MUs, but only one Marshall University!

Who are the branding guidelines for?

The Marshall institutional identity establishes a standardized graphic identity, including for administrative and academic units throughout the university. It is to be used according to the specific guidelines outlined in the Brand Guide. Outside agencies that create print or electronic materials for any Marshall University unit must follow the guidelines. All academic, research, outreach, student services and administrative units of Marshall University also must follow the established visual identity guidelines.  These guidelines apply to all external and internal communications, including advertising, websites, brochures, invitations, direct mail, postcards, fliers, booklets, catalogs, case statements, posters, billboards, banners and other environmental graphics, video, DVD, CD, film, presentations and stationery.

How do I know if something is licensed?

All approved products can be identified by a circular hologram logo reading “Officially Licensed Collegiate Product.”


To be officially approved by Marshall University, the product should also have a  “™” or “®” next to or around the logo or design.

Who should become licensed?

Any person, business, organization or company that wants to make, sell or distribute items with the university’s trademark, logo or symbol.

What is a licensee?

Licensees of the Marshall University brand are primarily wholesalers who sell products to retailers who, in turn, sell the products to consumers. Consumers cannot buy directly from most licensees because the products are normally sold in bulk. In some situations, certain businesses function as both a licensee and a retail store.

If you’re looking for a retail store, check out our Where to Buy page.

How can my company/business become licensed?

Marshall University’s licensing program is administered by IMG College Licensing. Contact them to receive an application:

IMG College Licensing

1075 Peachtree Street, Suite 3300

Atlanta, GA 30309

Phone: 770-956-0520

Fax: 770-955-4491

What is IMG College Licensing?

IMG College Licensing is the trademark licensing affiliate company of IMG College. The company represents nearly 200 of the nation’s top colleges, universities, bowl games and athletic conferences, as well as the Heisman Trophy and the NCAA. The collegiate partners that entrust IMG to protect, promote and grow their brands comprise nearly 80% of the $4.6 billion retail market for collegiate licensed merchandise.

What is the College Vault?

College Vault is a branch of IMG College Licensing dedicated to preserve old logos or word marks for universities, colleges and bowl games. They are responsible for the licensing of these logos so companies can create officially licensed vintage products.

Where can I get products with the retro Marshall logos and wordmarks?

Locally, Glenn’s Sporting Goods in Huntington and Hometown Sportswear Inc. in Barboursville are licensed to create Marshall products with these “throwback” logos and marks. Retro products also are available online through the Marshall University Bookstore, FanaticsThe Vault and the Official Online Store for Thundering Herd Athletics.

What kinds of products should be licensed?

Any product will be considered by the university. However, no product will be licensed by Marshall until it has been examined and approved by IMG College Licensing and the university’s marketing and branding coordinator. The criteria utilized are the quality of the merchandise, the authenticity of logo reproduction and the propriety/tastefulness of the design.

Where can I buy licensed products?

Officially licensed Marshall products are for sale at more than 300 retail outlets, including online. For a complete list of licensed retailers, click here.

Why should I buy licensed products?

Royalties from licensed products support student scholarships and other programs at Marshall University! Also, licensed products help our university maintain a consistent image and message.

What happens if I find products that are not licensed?

If you find a product bearing the Marshall logo but without the Official Licensed Collegiate Product hologram, logo or indicia statement, it may not be licensed. IMG recommends contacting them through their “Report Infringers” page here.

How can I purchase the products coaches wear?

Nike Sideline Apparel is the official provider of our coaches’ apparel. The sideline apparel should be available in retail stores close to the start of the specific season. For example, football sideline coaching apparel appears in retail stores in August.

What if I want to print a product with the university’s logo?

We recommend you go through Printing Services located on our Huntington campus. They serve as Marshall’s own in-house full service print shop, making everything from posters, stationery, brochures or whatever else you may need.

If you’re looking for giveaway items you want a Marshall University logo printed on, just be sure to get your design approved by University Communications and purchase your products through one of our official licensees.

Do I have to use the “™” or “®” on my products?

Yes, any product printed with the Marshall University logo or verbiage must have the “™” or “®” logo on it or an indicia statement, depending on the size of the item.

I’m a member of a Marshall student group. Do I have to be licensed to use the logo?

No, just be sure to get your design reviewed by University Communications before ordering your products from one of our official licensees.

Can I take photos or videos on campus for publication/online use?

Marshall University’s campus is public, state property. You can take photos and/or videos in public areas for publication or use online. We ask you not enter buildings or classrooms without checking with University Communications in advance, though. We do not want to interrupt the educational process for our students and faculty.

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