Best Practices

Email Signature

Every communication from Marshall University is part of our branding, including e-mail correspondence. An e-mail signature acts as an authorized correspondence from Marshall University. Therefore, it is important to follow the e-mail signature guidelines for all external e-mails. Follow the signature configuration shown here.

Please don’t use watermarked, colored, or photographic backgrounds in your e-mails. They make your message difficult to read and do not render correctly in every e-mail program. White is the only permissible background color. Do not customize or personalize an e-mail signature. Do not include any logos or social media icons.

Update Your Email Signature

  1. View the Marshall University email signature templates and copy the signature to your clipboard.
  2. Create a new signature in Outlook
  3. Paste the copied template into the Outlook signature editor.
  4. Replace the information with your own.
  5. Save the signature
Do not change the website address to anything other than the university homepage. All the text should be HEX #666666.

Social Media

University-affiliated social media accounts are an extension of our brand and reflect directly on the university’s reputation. Please keep this in mind before you post, comment, or share on an associated university account.

All university-affiliated social media accounts must be registered through University Communications. This includes usernames, passwords, and account administrators. Learn more at, or contact

Before creating a new account, please check with your college or department to ensure other accounts do not already exist that could be used to better serve your audience. If another account does not exist, contact University Communications at for assistance in creating an account that is compliant with our brand guidelines.

Usernames and Descriptions

  • Usernames should clearly identify the department, organization, or college you are representing.
  • If possible, the account name or profile page should include Marshall University or MarshallU.
  • Avoid using “MU,” as it could be confused as being affiliated with many other universities.
  • Try to be consistent with your usernames across all social media platforms. Doing so will make your accounts easier to find by your followers and easier for you to promote.

Account descriptions should include your affiliation with Marshall University and a link to your website or the college/ department you are associated with, e.g., student organizations should link to

Campus Communications

Contact your University Communications representative for assistance with designing, approving, and scheduling your content for digital signage.

Herd Happenings: A Guide to what’s going on at Marshall University

Herd Happenings is the newsletter designed to give students information on events taking place in the Marshall University community.

  • Herd Happenings will be e-mailed on Fridays during the semester and less frequently during the summer and when classes are not in session.
  • Mass e-mails will not be sent as a substitute for an item in Herd Happenings.
  • Items must be submitted by Marshall University departments or recognized student organizations.
  • Please submit your item by noon the Wednesday before the Friday the item is to appear.
  • Preferred image size is 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels high. For all sizes, keep in mind that the item will appear approximately 600 pixels wide in the newsletter, and type should be readable at that size.

To view the current issue of Herd Happenings, please visit

WE ARE…MARSHALL: The Newsletter for Marshall University

University Communications publishes the online newsletter, We Are…Marshall, for the university community.

  • The We Are…Marshall newsletter is e-mailed to faculty and staff on Wednesdays during the semester and biweekly during the summer and when classes are not in session.
  • Items for consideration must be submitted by 5 p.m. the Monday before the Wednesday the item will appear.

To view current and past issues of the We Are…Marshall newsletter, visit

Digital Signage

In an effort for university departments and registered student organizations to increase publicity for on-campus events, Digital Media Services and University Communications have established a process in which groups can advertise their events on the digital signs around campus.


  • Slide size is 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels high. Keep in mind that type should be readable at that size.
  • All submissions must prominently display the name and contact information of the sponsoring university department or registered student organization.
  • Postings must contain correct event date, time, and location.

Correct Logo Use

Use the primary logo or the unit identifier mark. DO NOT ADD more than one unit logo on signage. When more than one school, college, or other campus unit is represented in a single marketing communication piece, list the school, college, or other campus unit names in text in the appropriate space.

Web Best Practices

Online content has now become the primary way in which a lot of users obtain information about Marshall University. As an online content creator, one of your responsibilities is to represent the university in a consistent and professional way. Because not all units have the same level of technical expertise, tools are being provided within the Marshall University content management system (WordPress) that make it very easy for your unit to utilize the same consistent theme that sites developed outside of this system will use. For more information, visit the online web guide.

The web guide is designed to provide creators of online content a framework that allows content to be presented on behalf of the university in a consistent way and in a way that preserves appearance across multiple devices. As more of our users begin to explore content with a mobile first experience, it is more important than ever to present your content in a way that ensures the best compatibility for the site visitor.

By using the tools provided in the web guide, your site will be compliant with University Branding Standards for online content and, additionally, will meet the needs of users on a variety of devices, from desktop to smartphone.


Every year, the Marshall University logo and Marshall University name are placed on a wide variety of merchandise — apparel, gift items, and sporting goods — found around the world. Adherence to the university’s identity program is extremely important to the Marshall brand.

Marshall University requires that businesses producing its merchandise be licensed. The licensing process (administered by the Collegiate Licensing Company in Atlanta, Georgia) ensures that the Marshall University name and logo are used appropriately and that merchandise is manufactured under a code of conduct designed to reinforce fair-labor practices and prohibit sweatshop conditions.

For specific information regarding the trademark licensing program, including obtaining a license, visit or contact Mallory Jarrell at 304-696-3490 or