Information for Graduate Students


To find out who your advisor is, log in to MyMU. Click the “Student and Financial Aid” link in MILO and choose the “Student Records” option. Click the “General Student Information” link and review the list of information to find the name of your advisor.

Choosing a Campus

Many CECS classes are offered at both the Huntington and South Charleston campuses. Which campus hosts each class is based on need and demand. Once you are admitted to a Graduate program within the College of Engineering and Computer Sciences, you may register for a class taught at either campus, based on your own preference and convenience.

Degree Requirements

Each degree candidate is required to complete at least 36 graduate credit hours (37 for Technology Management) with a cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.0 for the courses included in the student’s Plan of Study.
Each degree seeking student must have an approved Plan of Study, developed with a CECS faculty advisor, that must be filed with the Dean of the Graduate College, 113 Old Main, no later than the semester in which the student completes the 9th credit hour.
The Engineering, Environmental Science, Information Systems, and Technology Management programs culminate with the comprehensive graduate project. This project is not the traditional graduate thesis with a research orientation, but rather a real-life, industry-type project in which the student undertakes an assignment that requires synthesis of all of the course work and its application to a typical problem from a relevant subject area.

The Final Project

Engineering, Environmental Science, and Information Systems

Students will work toward completion of the final project by completing two courses, TE 698 and TE 699, which are three-credit hours each. In the TE 698 course, a real-world problem or concept is selected by each student as the basis of their comprehensive project and a subject proposal is submitted for approval.

Comprehensive Project Guidelines

Students with approved subject proposals are permitted to register for the final course, TE 699, to complete work on the final project. The comprehensive project must be finalized during the term in which the student is registered for TE 699. Students who fail to show satisfactory performance in the comprehensive project courses (TE 698 and TE 699) will be required to repeat the course.

Completion of the final project includes an effectively written, well-documented report that presents an original solution, and an oral presentation of the project to a faculty committee. Students should work closely with their advisor to ensure that all final project deadlines are met.

Technology Management

The Technology Management Capstone Project (TM 699) is work-related, oriented toward the student’s selected area of emphasis, and jointly directed by a workplace supervisor and an academic advisor.

Please consult the specific program descriptions for further details.

Submitting a Plan of Study

All degree-seeking graduate students are required to develop a Plan of Study with their graduate academic advisor.
An approved Plan of Study is required to be filed with the Dean of the Graduate College by the time the student completes his/her 12th credit hour. If a student fails to develop a Plan of Study, he/she will not be allowed to enroll in future courses until the requirement is met.
If you need to develop a Plan of Study, please contact your advisor or the Dean’s office.

Here’s the Plan of Study in Adobe PDF


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