Since 1986,  Medical HELP has taught hundreds of medical and professional students from around the country and abroad how to find academic success through active, engaged study sessions, proactive time management, and strategic test taking skills. We also incorporate mindfulness techniques to improve focus and concentration and to help cope with the increased stress and anxiety of medical and professional schools.

Medical HELP teaches the skills and methods to help you to excel as a medical/professional student

Our curriculum has been developed and modified for nearly thirty years through the feedback that we welcome and routinely solicit from our former students. We want to know what is working, and what is not. Teaching the most effective and proven strategies is a primary goal. We cannot guarantee success, no one can. But we constantly strive to teach the most effective and up-to-date skill sets and methodologies possible.

Our program is recommended by the Marshall Institute for Interedisclipinary Research.


The Medical HELP Program teaches you to

  • Master the skills for active, dynamic, and rewarding study sessions
  • Make details more memorable through strategic memory techniques
  • Increase the quality, not just the quantity, of your study sessions
  • Manage time proactively for maximum efficiency in all aspects of your life
  • Complete exams confidently with improved content retention and effective strategies
  • Compensate for ADHD, slow reading speed, and other learning difficulties effectively

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4-Week Comprehensive Course Dates

  • February 5th- March 1st
  •  April 1st- April 26th
  • June 3rd- June 28th

10-Day Intensive & Custom Program availability