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Parking Regulations

The purpose of these regulations is to establish guidelines that will not impede the flow of traffic or endanger the health and safety of the University community.  This is to provide parking spaces within the limits available and monitor traffic patterns and avoid congestion on the Marshall University Campus.

In accordance with Section 18B-4-6 of the West Virginia Code, Marshall University acquired operation and regulation of parking areas and facilities at state institution of higher education; regulation of parking, speed and flow of traffic on campus roads and driveways; civil and criminal penalties; disposition of revenue.  (a) The governing board are hereby authorized to construct, maintain and operate automobile parking facilities or areas upon any premises owned or leased at any state institution of higher education under their jurisdiction for use by students, faculty, staff and visitors.

All areas and facilities in the University parking system are controlled. Signs are posted at the entrances and within lots as to proper permits authorized to park in the area. All parking facilities, except the parking meters and the 6th Avenue Parking Facility, require a parking permit during enforcement hours. The parking of vehicles is prohibited in all the campus areas except those areas designated for vehicle parking. Parking regulations are enforced throughout the entire calendar year and are not directly associated with the class schedule.

A parking permit does not guarantee the holder a convenient parking space, it grants only the privilege in an assigned area. A parking permit does not excuse the payment of a parking meter. Lack of parking spaces, mechanical problems, inclement weather or other disabilities do not justify parking violations. Do not throw away or discard your parking permit. There is a $20.00 charge for parking permit replacement.

Ownership of the permit remains with the University. Permits are not to be shared and are not for resale. Permits must be returned to the Office of Public Safety, Parking Enforcement Office when the user leaves the University.

Regulations are subject to amendment as approved by the Board of Governors and University Administration and are in effect and enforced at all times. Parking on campus is zoned parking. The parking permit that you purchased from the Bursar’s Office will have a parking zone letter displayed on the permit authorizing the vehicle to be parked in specific areas according to the permit designation.

Use of certain lots may be temporarily restricted to facilitate special events, construction, maintenance or other conditions.

1. Parking permits must be properly displayed in vehicle. Permits must be hung from the rear view mirror facing outward so that it can be seen clearly from the exterior of the vehicle. Notes left on the dash will not be accepted. Please call the Parking Enforcement Office to receive prior authorization for special parking circumstances.

2. PARKING CITATIONS: A habitual violator is designated as a permit holder or non-permit holder utilizing the parking facilities at Marshall University who have three or more unpaid citations. A financial hold is placed with the University and will restrict registration for classes, drop/add courses and/or receive financial aid dispersal, release of transcripts and permit purchase or renewals. All outstanding parking citations must be paid before parking permits can be purchased and/or renewed.

3. Any vehicle that substantially impedes the flow of traffic or endangers the health and safety of the MU community will be towed at the owner’s expense. Vehicles parked illegally on the lawn, in fire lanes, in handicapped spaces or blocking fire hydrants or building entrances will be towed at the owner’s expense. With the exception of several timed loading zones, all loading/ unloading requires prior authorization or a specialized permit from the Parking Enforcement Office. Vehicles will be towed without regard to hazard warning lights being displayed. The owner of any towed vehicle shall be responsible for all tow and vehicle storage charges.

4. Any vehicle displaying a lost or stolen parking permit or altered permit will be towed and the owner may be prosecuted criminally and/or be referred to the MU Judicial Affairs office for disciplinary action. Parking privileges may be suspended or revoked.

5. HANDICAPPED PARKING: Employees and students who qualify for handicapped parking must display both a state issued handicapped permit or license plate along with a valid MU parking permit. The MU parking permit must have a handicapped decal sticker applied to the MU permit. Vehicles displaying both permits may park in any handicapped parking space on campus.

6. If you believe that you have received a parking citation in error, you may file an appeal. A Parking Citation Appeals Board composed of representatives from campus community reviews all appeals. All decisions made by the Parking Citation Appeals Board are FINAL.

7. Meter and permit parking are enforced Monday through Thursday from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM and 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Friday. All other violations are enforced 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Parking regulations are enforced throughout the entire calendar year and are not directly associated with the class schedule. Parking citations have civil penalties of  $15.00 and $100.00. Expired Paylot meter violations are $15.00; the quarter meter violations are $5.00;handicapped violations are $100.00 and all other violations are $15.00.

8. Parking permits are the property of Marshall University and are registered for use only by the holder. Parking Permits are not transferable. DO NOT share your parking permit with anyone. A citation is not excused because another person was using the vehicle or the permit. The person registering a vehicle is responsible for all citations issued to that vehicle and /or any other vehicle displaying their parking permit.

9. Student parking permits are valid in areas designated as Student Parking and General University Permit Parking only. Spaces in these areas are available to students on a first-come-first-serve basis. The availability of spaces is not guaranteed. Full time MU student parking permits are valid in any open surface permit lot AFTER 4:00PM and your vehicle must be returned to your assigned lot by 8AM the following day. Parking permits cannot be used in meter lots. Meters must always be paid.

10. Permits designated for the Third Avenue Garage (G) are assigned only for this locationFull time MU student garage parking permits are valid in any open surface permit lot AFTER 4:00PM and your vehicle must be returned to your assigned lot by 8AM the following day.

11. Employee parking permits are valid in the Employee Parking assigned areas and also in any area designated as General University Permit Parking. The availability of spaces in assigned areas is not guaranteed. If an assigned area is full, an employee must park in any General University parking area. Employees are not permitted to park in another assigned staff area or student parking lots if their assigned area is full.

12. Exclusive permits i.e., Emeritus, John Marshall Society cannot be used in the pay lot beside Corbly Hall,  the metered lots or the 6th Avenue Parking Facility.

13. Refunds will be issued in accordance with the institutional refund policy. Refunds will not be processed until the parking permit is returned to the Parking Enforcement Office. To receive partial credit and/or a refund during extended absences from campus an employee/student must surrender their parking permit to the Parking Enforcement Office during their absence from campus.

14. HOME FOOTBALL GAMES: On Saturdays when home football games are scheduled, regular parking permits issued to employees and students are not valid for that entire day. During home football game days, all permit holders must move their vehicles during the evening or morning of the game from the West stadium parking lots. Vehicles may be relocated to the Student parking area located between 18th and 19th Street and 5 ½ alley and 6th Avenue. If the employee or student remove their cars from the lots or the parknig garage and re-entry during the home football games there will be a fee. The Athletic Department will tow vehicles not removed from these areas at the owner’s expense.

15. WEEK DAY FOOTBALL/ BASKETBALL GAMES: It is the policy of the Marshall University Office of Public Safety that during week game days, the Athletic Department does not charge any valid MU permit holder to park on the open surface lots or in the 3rd avenue parking garage because of the evening class sessions. There is no parking allowed on Stadium lots during week game days or week-end game days.

16. Marshall University is not responsible for any damage caused to, or theft from any vehicle while parked in any parking area under its control. Any damage caused to or theft from a vehicle should be reported to the Marshall University Police Department immediately.

17. Evening permits are valid only after 4:00 PM and are valid in any MU open parking surface permit lots. Full time permits are valid in any MU parking open surface permit lots after 4:00 PM.

18. Guest/visitor parking permits may be obtained by stopping by the Office of Public Safety, Parking Enforcement Office which is located in the Office of Public Safety building. Guest/visitor permits are $3.00 per day, $15.00 per week or $45.00 per month. The 6th Avenue Parking Facility is now open at a charge of 50 cents per hour, cash only.  There are regular semester and special summer hours check the signs for operational times.  It is the responsibility of any department, organization, faculty, staff or student scheduling events on campus to make parking arrangements before the event or campus visit.

19. Remember to lock your vehicle and secure all property of value. It is unlawful to leave your children or pets in an unattended vehicle.

20. Motorcycles require a parking permit. Motorcycles, motorbikes or motor scooters are not to be parked on the sidewalk, in the bicycle parking areas, or on the grass. Motorcycles and motorbikes are to be park in the same spaces as an automobile. Motorbikes, motorcycles and motor scooters are subject to all regulations and must be operated only on streets designated for a normal automobile.

If you need to make changes to your vehicle application, such as, addition of new vehicle or removal of an old vehicle, with the Parking Office please send an email to with the following information

  • Name
  • MU ID Number
  • License plate
  • Make
  • Style (4-door, van, truck)
  • Color
  • Model

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